5 Reasons Why Your Laptop is Running Slow – And How to Fix It

Slow Laptop can be very frustrating. You might be streaming online video, browsing the internet or attempting to deal with high end software, your laptop seems not to be able to perform up to task, takes like forever to handle request, hence making your experience rather unpleasant. I was recently a victim until I solved the issues with it.

Have you ever wondered why a v!rgin laptop, I mean a brand new laptop you just bought without any file or program installation on it does not slow? Everything works smoothly until you start your own version of it, you install your preferred Operating System, move your files there, change some settings, install some programs and sort like that. Hence, your laptop start running slow. Though not only these causes a laptop to slow, as there are some hardware factors which can cause your laptop to slow. But can you buy a new a laptop without doing all those? That’s absolutely impossible.

Fix Slow LaptopSo, If your laptop performance is telling you to go f*ck yourself, before you tell it to go to hell, here are the issues that might cause it and consequently, how to fix it, to make laptop faster.

You are Using HDD

HDD(Hard Disk Drive) is common in old laptops, most new laptops now comes with SSD(Solid-State Drive, also known as Solid-State Disk) and not HDD, except there is a cheaper version of it that comes with HDD. SSD is a solid-state storage device that uses assembled integrated circuit as memory to store data persistently. Don’t be confused, this is the difference; In SSD, information is stored in microchips, technically no moving part to it but HDD uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter. This makes SSD so much faster than the native HDD.

Changing your laptop storage device to SSD will give you a significant change in your laptop performance, it will make your laptop run faster. This is a vital solution to fix slow laptop. Apparently, SSD is more expensive than HDD but it’s not that costly and it worth it.

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Not doubt, Laptop A with 6GB RAM will perform better than Laptop B of the same processor with 4GB of RAM. Either you are using HDD or SSD, your laptop’s CPU access data from the RAM quicker than accessing it from the drive. So therefore, the more RAM your laptop has, the more data it can store on it for quick access.

To fix a sluggish laptop, upgrading the RAM will get its performance back to its feet. For some laptops, they have an extra slot to add extra RAM but if your laptop doesn’t have extra RAM slot, you can decide to go for higher RAM and remove the previous one.

To check your laptop’s RAM and how many RAM slots are in use; if you are using Windows, Windows 10 to be precise,  go to Task Manager > Performance tab > Memory. For Macs OS go to Apple menu > About This Mac > Memory tab.

You Don’t Update Your Laptop

System updates can be challenging when it comes to data consumption, updates consumes a lot of data and the fact that you have to do that regularly is very challenging.

Nevertheless, updates are very important, they include new features and enhancements to improves security and performance and also fix existing bugs if any.

Keeping your laptop up-to-date is very essential, if your laptop is running slow, downloading and installing updates can fix this.

Overcrowd Hard Drive

This is one of reason why a new laptop performs better. Because the more program and files you have on your laptop, the more cluttered your hard drive becomes. This make it more difficult for your laptop to locate the data easily. Hence, your laptop runs slower.

Uninstalling useless apps you are not using, deleting duplicates files and removing other unnecessary file from your laptop will make your laptop run faster. So, freeing space by cleaning up your hard drive is a good idea and a better alternative if you can’t replace your HDD with SSD as I discussed earlier.

Virus Infection

If your laptop is infected by malware, you will notice a significant slow performance in your laptop, it limit your PC’s ability to do what you ask. Most of these malicious software can get access to your laptop in different ways, especially when you download and install apps, when you install add-on to your web browser and the likes, all on non-trusted web site.

Manual removal is very unlikely as virus are always stubborn. To fix this, you need a good antivirus or anti-malware program to find and safely remove it.

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Another issue that slows laptop down is too much multitasking, if your laptop’s memory and processor is not up to the task you are giving it, you don’t need a google search to know this will hinder your laptop performance, it will slow it down and probably hang at a point.

To fix this, if you are running several programs at the same time, you need to close down some programs you are not using and if you have browser running also, close some tabs you are not using, as browsers are well known to eat much of RAM.

Mind you, there are many reason for computer running slow, and most of them are caused by YOU. Yes! You heard me right. You can subscribe to my email updates and follow Techlug on social medias so you don’t miss more updates.

I Hope this helps. If you have any question or suggestion, I will be glad to hear you out via the comment box.

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