Wix Review 2015 – Free and Easy Website Builder

If you need a free and easy website builder to build your professional and good looking website even without you having a coding knowledge, I know of a great platform on which you can easily build a free, high-quality, fully personalized, interactive and attractive website. I don’t know php, html, css and others, don’t worry! website builder Wix.com got your back.

Wix.com is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users all around the globe. The Wix website builder got it all when it comes to creating an attractive and professional web presence for your personal or business website service.

Why Wix is The Right Website Builder For You

Obviously, Wix is not the only website builder that exists but it stands out among others for many reasons…

Hundreds of Professional & Attractive Templates: Creating your beautiful website for free is easier than you can ever imagine, with over 500 beautiful & professional templates for different industries, you will always find one that suits your needs, no tech related skills needed, just pick a template, personalize it by changing anything you want, you can also add your images, videos, text and others.

Easy drag & drop website builder: With Wix, you can insert any content anywhere with maximum flexibly with no coding required, it’s extremely flexible. Does that sound interesting?

24/7 Ultimate Support: Email, phone, understandable help center, active forum support are available for in case of urgent help, you might get stocked during one operation or the other, with the availability of good support from Wix, you will always get a solution to your problem, this will saves you lot of time.

Mobile Design: Wix offers you a unique mobile editor which allows you to edit mobile version of your site without having to affect your website desktop version. You can hide, add or re-arrange some certain content, this will allow you to create a good mobile experience.

WIX SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Wix allows you to optimize your SEO functions, such as descriptions, titles and keywords for every web page, though most website builder offers this but Wix is a bit unique when it comes to SEO since they allow you to build a HTML5-based website rather than a flash-based website. HTML based websites are better for SEO and rank well since search engine crawlers are able to crawl through the website’s codes to understand what the website is all about, unlike flash-based website. With this, Wix has progressed so much in enhancing their HTML5-based websites.

App Market: From newsletter tool, live chat software, online booking widgets, and other third party apps to mention few, are available in the Wix app market, where there are hundreds of them that you can add to your website. .All these apps can be easily integrated into your Wix website. but mind you, most of them are third party apps.

Wix Website Builder – Verdict

The templates are exceptional, in fact very attractive and professional, though they have some little flaws, you might want to arrange the elements manually for your mobile display.

With Wix support center and a very active community forum, solution is always around in case of encountering any error.

Wix is a perfect choice when it comes to impressive presentation scenarios. If you want a great platform on which to present yourself with style, you will find Wix website builder interesting.

But if are using Wix, you need to be careful in selecting a template for your website since you can’t switch templates for the same website after selecting a template.


With Wix website builder you are good to go with your website creation. Go to wix.com and start building your website with ease, no coding required! Thank me later 🙂

What do you think about this website builder? And if you are using this before, please share your experience. Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box bellow.

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