Windows 10 Secret Start Menu You Have Never Seen

I bet you have never seen this Windows 10 secret start menu, I know you will be thinking why the hell would Microsoft make the start menu secret, but you will soon finds out, the Windows 10 Start menu we are all familiar with which is the normal start menu which looks like the shot bellow, the start menu is one of the major features that makes Windows 10 the best windows so far, it combines the people’s favorite Windows 7 start menu and Windows 8 start menu, but what the hell is Windows 10 secret start menu I have never seen?

Windows 10 Secret Start Menu You Have Never Seen

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It’s not actually a secret because it’s not hidden or have to turn on but instead you have to access it in an usual way people can’t even think of or take notice. What does this secret menu do? It makes accessing important features and administrative tools like programs and features, Power options, event viewer, system, device manager, network connections, disk management, computer management, command prompt, task manager, control panel, run, file explorer easier and quicker, so instead of having to go through settings panel to get this get this done, you can simply access them through this secret menu, just a click and you are there. Cool, huh?

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Windows 10 Secret Start Menu You Have Never Seen_techlug

So, how will I access the secret menu, its easy, all you have to do to access it is right click on the Windows icon/start button at the left bottom corner of any page and guess what? the secret start menu will pop up, wooooh 🙂

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