Though we have many window 8 shortcut keys but here are shortcut keys in window 8  that contains the window logo key. I believe with these, many can master these shortcuts easily without doing mistake, Take your time to master these and operate like a computer geek ;

  • Window logo key ==> Display or hide the start menu
  • Window logo key+F1 ==> Open Windows Help and Support
  • Window logo key+C ==> Displays Charms menu.
  • Window logo key+D ==> Display or hide the desktop
  • Window logo key+E ==> Opens File Explorer to the “My Computer” view which shows all your drives.
  • Window logo key+F ==> Opens the search charm and search files.
  • Window logo key+G ==> Cycle through the gadgets on desktop
  • Window logo key+H ==>  Brings up Share charm
  • Window logo key+I  ==> Open the settings charm
  • Window logo key+ k ==> Open the device charm
  • Window logo key+L ==> Lock or Switch user
  • Window logo key+M ==> Minimize all window
  • Window logo key+O ==> Lock the device orientation
  • Window logo key+R ==> Open the run  dialog box
  • Window logo key+T ==> Cycle through the application in the task bar.
  • Window logo key+V ==> Cycle through notifications
  • Window logo key+ X ==> Open the quick link menu
  • Window logo key+ Z ==>Show the commands in the active app.
  • Window logo key+ Enter ==> Open Narrator
  • Window logo key+spacebar ==>Change input language and keyboard layout
  • Window logo key+Home ==> Minimize all but the active desktop window
  • Window logo key+ Up arrow ==> Maximize the desktop window
  • Window logo key+ tab ==> Cycle through open app except the desktop app.
  • Window logo key+ pause ==> Display the system properties dialog
  • Window logo key+ Ctrl +F ==> Search for computers if you are on network
  • Window logo key+ Shift + M ==> Restore minimzed window on desktop.

Hope its really helpful right ? you are free to drop your thought in the comment box.

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