What You Need To Consider Before Buying A Laptop Charger

It all happened last week, my laptop charger burn and damage, how does this happened? I know you will be curious to know, it happens so  fast, i was busy with my laptop and at the same time charging it and all of a sudden the electricity voltage increase to the extent it blow up to 3 bulb in that same building, what i just notice in the next few minutes is that my laptop is no more charging, i tried it that same day and next day early in the morning to see if it can work but nothing changes the fact that is damaged, i took it to a nearby engineer to see if it can be repaired but to my surprise, it works ! Thats great… huh ? but the saddest part is that the charger was malfunctioning and seems useless, when the charger is connected, my laptop mouse pad will cease to work until i remove it  so i was left with no other option than to go for a new laptop charger.

what you need to consider before buying a laptop charger

Enough with the story, not really a story but an experience, now lets get to the business.

Laptop CHARGER as the name goes provides a steady stream of power via an AC-DC adapter.which is transmitted directly to the laptop’s battery where the power is then converted into electrical energy powering the laptop, it performs two tasks which include Charging of laptop’s battery while the laptop is in use or idle. And also maintains the battery so that it charge at a level that allows the laptop to be powered without draining the battery’s current power stores.

Normally, most laptops come with charger in their package. However, if the charger gets damaged or working abnormally like mine did, then there is a needy to buy a new laptop charger. Also, you may choose to buy an extra second laptop charger for one reason or the other. But mind you not all chargers are the same, there are many differenttypes  of laptop chargers on the market. Some chargers can work with different types of laptops, while others only work with a specific model and brand.


What You Need To Consider Before Going For A Laptop Charger

  1. CHARGER CONNECTION : Make sure you go for a laptop charger that its connection suit your laptop, i mean the point to insert to your laptop power port, because not all laptop will have the same connector , though a charger might of the same brand with your laptop but that does not guarantee having the same charger connection, so check well before going for a laptop charger. example of charger connectors are Cylindrical Connectors ( the type my laptop is uaing ) , Molex Connector and the likes
  2. COST ; There are different type of chargers basically the manufacturer made chargers ( the one that come with your laptop and also available to purchase as a relacement ) and universal chargers which can work for variety of laptops, in addition there are also specialized laptop chargers like the solar powered charger and the travel charger it all depends on your pocket. Buying a manufacturer made charger can surely work for your laptop but might not work for other type of laptop unlike the universal charger.
  3. COMPATIBILITY ; Mostly, universal charger have more compatibility with different laptops unlike manufacturer made chargers which are specified for a particular laptop, if your intention is to use the new laptop charger for different laptops, then universal charger is the right one for you.
  4. PORTABILITY ; Another thing you need to consider before buying a laptop charger is portability, though this depends on how you use your laptop, if you are the type that travel a lot , going for a travel charger is a better idea.

Note : Have it in mind that the best laptop charger for you is the one from your laptop manufacturer. let assume your laptop is Hp, then you should go for Hp laptop charger and If your laptop is from Dell, go for a Dell charger and other brand that is not mentioned here



You can find laptop chargers through the manufacturer of the laptop as well as in local electronics stores but It’s important for you to choose the right type of charger by considering the above factors or you could later end up causing damage to your laptop.

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