What is HotKnot And How to Share files Via HotKnot?

Recent Android phones from the Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi and many now comes with the Hotknot feature which is a rarely used feature in our phones today largely because we may not know what it does. This technology allows the capacitive touchscreen on smartphones to interact, thus different types of data can be transferred

HotKnot is a connectivity option which is also based on near-field communication technology like NFC. However, in order for the tech to work well the smartphones must be placed in close proximity at least within 1 centimeter range. Once that
connection has been established between the two devices, then data can be exchanged.

How to use Hotknot to share files

Share files Via HotKnot

The first thing to note is you must have a HotKnot enabled smartphone and the smartphone you are about to pair with must have the same connectivity too. Then you should know how to switch HotKnot on and off.

Secondly, to enable HotKnot on your smartphone, swipe the screen down to access the quick settings panel and toggle HotKnot on or off. You can also go the long way by navigating
to Setting >All > HotKnot to switch on. A question comes up instantly saying “Allow data exchange when the screen Touches another device?”

Immediately you toggle HotKnot on, locate the file you want to share. Once you have spotted the file, look for the share button below or above the file you want to share. Once you tap the HotKnot share button, the final instruction comes up.

After clicking on the HotKnot share button, both smartphones are placed screen-to-screen to initiate the transfer and you would asked to accept transfer when the whole process is done. Both smartphones can finally be put apart after the transfer. The transfer speed is really superb.

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