As the name goes, smartphones are for smart people to make them smarter by taking full advantage of the device. Smartphone, a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system( like Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS , Nokia’s Symbian, Blackberry and others) with more advanced computing capability and lot of features is more than what you think of it as a normal phone for making and receiving call, with your smart phone you can access the internet easily and faster, send and receive email with ease, you can read and edit your documents and lot of amazing things like that.

smartphones tips you need to know


Smartphones are for smart people. Yeah ! you heard me right, here are some smartphones tips you need to know ;

  • Your smartphone security is so important, use the PIN security to restrict unwelcome user from accessing your devices, fortunately, some smartphone with Android and iOS operating system provide pattern lock feature to secure your device.
  • Always install application from trusted source only, if you are an android user, Google Play store is there for you, being an iOS user, you have Apple store with you , blackberry have it own store while also Nokia too have its own Nokia store , so why taking the risk of getting your application from untrusted source.
  • Read More about your smartphone to know about your phone and some features you didn’t know it have, so as to to take full advantage of the device, you can subscribe bellow after reading this article with your email to receive more updates.
  • Note your phone IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity ) number and keep it in a safe place because this is the number you will used to disable your phone if your phone is stolen, this number is located at the back of your phone underneath the battery or you should just dial *#06# on your keypad.


  • Make sure you back up your files always so as not to lose any of your important data for any reason.
  • Try and as much as you can to get the best out of your battery life, here are some useful tips to improve your smartphone battery life;

– Reduce the brightness of your phone

– ( Bluetooth , GPS , Wifi / Hotspot and the likes ) Turn off these features if you are not using them.

– Try and close unnecessary background applications

– Don’t overcharge your battery and avoid charging it every time.

– Use Airplane mode when in poor signal areas

– Avoid using your phone in hot places.

  • Install useful application that will benefits you and make things easier for you , don’t just jam packed your phone with useless ones. Tips ; Always check application store for the popular and top applications.
  • Update your phone and applications always whenever a necessary update is available, to avoid security risk and to enjoy the benefits of the new updates
  • And lastly be smart with your smartphone, try and keep your phone out of view where necessary or use earpiece where necessary to avoid unnecessary attention which might lead to getting your phone stolen, don’t get it twisted, this is what i mean , when you are among your friends or family where you will want to impress them with your smartphone or you even trust them, Good! Fine ! you can play around with your smartphone, but if you are in some public place where your safety is not guarantee talk less of your eye-catching smartphone, why not using earpiece to avoid unnecessary attention which might lead to getting your phone stolen or even an attempt. Imagine you are in a car park being waiting for a bus or in a market and you keep receiving calls on your samsung galaxy 4 or Htc One. hey ! you are on a long thing ooo. I believe you love your smartphone and wouldn’t want to lose it in anyway .

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