How To Use WhatsApp On Android Without SIM card

As usual, WhatsApp app only works only with a phone number. It means you will need an active SIM card inserted into your phone to verify WhatsApp message. However, if you do not want to use a SIM card but still want to use the app, how will you go about it? There is a small trick that WhatsApp cannot check for a physical SIM card, it just needs a verification of the phone number. So in this post, we’ll I share with you a simple tip to use WhatsApp without SIM card on your Android device.

 How to Use WhatsApp Without SIM card

There is a way that is using services offering you a valid number for free call and SMS. If you just want to have WhatsApp another phone, while your sim is in another, that’s also possible.

Use third-party apps to use WhatsApp

There is a number of apps on Play Store that offer a valid phone number. Once verified, you will not have to worry unless you reset your device or switch to a new one. Some common apps are TextNow, Text Me, Free Text and so on. We recommend you to use TextNow to help you. The app does not require the fee to get a free number. If you want to keep the number, you can keep using it once for a moment. You can try sending an SMS to this number from time to time.

Step 1: Download TextNow from Play Store on your phone and then open it. Follow the on-screen instruction to sign-up for the service, which offers you a free number with SMS and call facility. Note the number as well as the code.

Step 2:  Next, install WhatsApp app, and enter the above details. This method also works with App Cloning Apps. Simply enter the number, and wait for SMS from WhatsApp. When you receive an SMS, use it for the verification.

If you don’t get the SMS, you can choose the call verification process and note the code from the call. Although this method works well, you should only use it for legal purposes. We do not encourage you to use it for any illegal activities.

Note: There is a chance that the number can be rejected by WhatsApp. If that is the case, you will have to try with another number.

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Use WhatsApp With Your Number Without SIM Card

Since WhatsApp doesn’t really check whether there í a physical SIM card inserted in your device or not. So, even when you install WhatsApp on a different device while the phone number is on another phone, it will still work well. All you need is installing WhatsApp on another phone and enter the phone number that takes responsibility for receiving the verification code on another phone which is inserted into the SIM.

These are two popular ways to use WhatsApp on any Android phone without needing a SIM Card. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below, we’ll help you out.