Stop Wasting Money: Know When to Upgrade Your Laptop

Knowing when to replace or upgrade a laptop can be a difficult decision to make for the average laptop user. Generally speaking, a laptop can last from a couple years to over a decade depending on what is used for and with proper care. However, many people need to replace their laptop models within a short amount of time. The following explanation will explain the best times for people to replace or even upgrade their laptop models.

When to Upgrade Your Laptop

Your Laptop is Starting to Slow Down

One of the easiest ways to figure out if you need to replace your laptop has to do with its performance. If your laptop starts to slow down and you can tell, then it is time to get a new model. Depending on the type of brand or model that you own, replacing your laptop is probably a better option than upgrading it.

Remember that computer manufacturers are constantly upgrading models every 3 months in terms of processing speed and RAM. Since they are, it will probably be cheaper to purchase a new model as opposed to increasing your current model’s processing speed. Even if you do upgrade, your new processing speed still might not be fast enough for the latest programs or laptop related technologies. Buying a new laptop will still probably be your best option.

Your Laptop’s Battery is Starting to Lose Power

One of the best thing about a laptop is its mobility. Once a laptop’s battery is charged up it can be transported to just about any place and the owner can use it without having to plug it in. Many laptop owners can use their machines without a cord for about 3 hours. Some can last for 4 or more but these are really well made (and expensive) machines.

When a laptop’s battery gives a person an hour or less for power, it is time to replace the unit. Once again, a laptop owner could upgrade the battery but this might not be a practical solution over the long run.

Keep in mind that many people who work out in mobile locations might not always have access to an outlet to plug up and charge their machine. So, having a long battery life is beneficial to them. Ultimately, you should replace your laptop when the battery no longer provides you with the same amount of power.

Constant Error Messages Keep Appearing on your Unit

If a laptop owner is constantly getting error messages on their unit then it is time to replace the unit. A laptop that always has to be rebooted, restarted or that does not allow an owner to go directly into their startup screen; has problems that clearly reveal that something is not right with the computer.

Once error messages start to show up they should be fixed. If an owner can’t fix them and keep them from reoccurring; the unit should then be replaced. Once again, it will probably be cheaper to replace the unit than to upgrade it or constantly make repairs.

Your Keys are no Longer Working

When a person has a laptop where the keys are no longer working then it is time to replace the unit. A laptop is only as good as its buttons and keys. When the built- in keys on the keyboard are no longer functioning properly then the owner should replace the unit.

Upgrading the unit in this case probably would not make sense because a technician would have to repair the unit by replacing the whole entire keyboard interface. It might be easier and less expensive to just purchase a new laptop model.

Old Drives that can be Hassle

If your laptop model has an old floppy disc drive or if you want to upgrade our DVD drive to a Blue Ray unit, then it is probably time for a new unit. Drives are important to laptops and having an updated drive will provide owners with specific types of features. DVD drives are still relevant today but having a Blue Ray drive installed on a laptop unit will provide a user with more options.

Very few machines are made with a floppy disc drive and laptop units with this type of technology should be upgraded. You should also replace the unit if it does not have any USB ports. Also, if your drive constantly experiences issues with playback or does not operate properly you might want to consider replacing the unit as well.

Replacing a laptop is not always an easy thing to do. Just keep in mind that if you want the best performance from a laptop machine it might be the best option. Don’t forget that high-end laptops (like the types that are used for gaming) should be upgraded instead of being replaced.

Most high-end gaming laptops such as Alienware tend to cost $2,000 or more. Upgrading these units would probably be preferable to spending more money to get a newer model. A highly advanced laptop will not lose much value over time if it is upgraded as opposed to being replaced.

A lower end model such as an Asus or Acer probably should be replaced when they are no longer performing well. The reason being is that these laptops probably cost more to upgrade than they are worth. Remember that a model’s value, specs and overall construct are going to be determining factors in your decision to get a new unit. Ultimately, most experts recommend replacing your laptop every four years.

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