How to Update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 9 Right Now

Now you can update your iPhone and iPad to the new iOS 9 like right now now 🙂 Apple made a free software update of it’s mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad which means you can now download the latest version of iOS, iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad. The new iOS 9 features a smarter virtual assistant, new news app. iPad multi-tasking system, battery life improvements and many more.

If your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 8, you can update to iOS 9. In short, the new iOS 9 will run on iPhone or iPad which are released in 2011 or later, this implying iPhone 4S or later can be update to iOS 9 and also an iPad 2 or later too. Some features might not work on older models though, but the new devices that will come with the new update will work perfectly.

Before you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9, here are the new features in iOS 9 you need to know;

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Update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 9

What’s New in iOS 9?

– In iOS 9, Newsstand icon disappears which is being replaced by a new app added to the Home screen which pulls in news articles from different sources in which users can select their favorite sources to, just like we see in Android’s News & Weather.

– The struggling Apple’s Maps app receives an improvement in iOS 9, public transport details have been added for selected cities around the world which will help you to pinpoint the nearest stops and stations, and also gives direction tips o where to go.

– Now you can add to-dos list, add photos and maps, and sketch with your finger on Notes app which was only being a simple note app.

– iOS 9 features a better navigation, the Siri virtual assistant suggests frequently used contacts and apps and nearby businesses. In the main home screen, swipe left to right for a new search screen.

– Inbuilt iCloud Drive app now enable you to search for all your files by date, name and tags.

– In iOS 9, you can do wireless transfer of your contacts, messages, images and mail accounts to iPhone and iPad with the  new ‘Move to iOS’ app for Android users.

– Notifications improvement: By swiping down from the top edge, you will see missed notifications, with the most recent on top. unlike before where notifications are grouped by apps which takes longer time to see new notifications,  you can restore the grouping by app in the settings anyway.

– And Apple replaced Passbook with the Apple pay payment service, Wallet.

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How to Update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 9

Basically, there are two ways to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9, the Over-the-air update and Updating manually with your Computer via iTunes.

Note : Back up your iPhone or iPad, you can use a lightening cable to manually backup to iTunes, this is reliable and faster. And also check if your favorite apps will be compatible. Mind you, popular apps will certainly receives updates right away, but some apps might need more time to receive update.

Method #1;

Over-the-air update

Make sure you are connected. Then go to Settings >> General >> Software Update then click on Download and Install button. This is absolutely the easiest way to update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 9 but could take a long time especially now that many people are busy upgrading their iPhone and iPad to iOS 9 causing Apple server to receive lot of load.
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