How to Turn Off Text auto correction on Android Phones

Smartphones are great because they tend to make our work easier. There is no exception when it comes to typing on smartphones like those running on the popular android operating system. The generic android keyboard and most other third party keyboard app will often try to correct or complete some of the words you type.

Some times I get embarrassed trying to type a particular word and my auto – correct just feels it knows it all by changing most of my words. I believe it has happened to you before? Especially when you want to write in short forms. Though having your text/words auto completed by your android phones is somehow great and useful,  Here’s what you have to do to Turn Off Auto correct on your Android Phones:

Turn Off Text auto correction on Android Phones

1. Launch your Android’s device settings menu.

2. Go to the “Language & input” Menu but in case your settings tab is divided into section and you can’t find Language & Input, it’s mostly found in the “Personal” section of your settings tab.

3. From the keyboards & input methods menu, Select “Google keyboard”/ “Android Keyboard”.

4. Tap the “Text correction” option and turn off the “Auto-correction” toggle case.

5. You have successfully turned off Autocorrect on your android device.

when you’ve successfully turned this feature off, your phone will no longer correct typographical errors again which means you must always cross-check your work very well before posting or using them.

Note: Just in case you are using any other Android keyboard app, all you have to do to turn off auto correction is following the steps but in step(3) select your keyboard app, if you are using app like TouchPal, you might have to navigate through its settings panel before you can find “Text correction” option.

Comment bellow in case you have issue doing this.

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