Top 5 Apps That Should Be Present On Your iPhone

Whether you’re shifting from an Android phone to an iOS system or you just bought a new upgraded version of an iPhone, either ways, you must really wonder which applications are the top most used and helpful ones that you should really download. It’s usually hard skimming through a variety of applications without knowing how well they will actually work for you. However, to save you the extra hassle, we have put together a list of “must have” applications especially if you are an iPhone user.

Top 5 Apps That Should Be Present On Your iPhone

With the ever expanding and evolving era of technology, parents are becoming more and more hesitant in giving their kids a smart phone. However, with an iPhone they don’t have to worry about keeping a close eye on them physically, but can maintain their checks from a far through a monitoring application like TheOneSpy. This application works quietly and effectively when it comes to monitoring your kids virtual as well as day to day activities and interest. Among many other functions it is also designed to:

* Track whereabouts
* Backup contacts, calls and messaging logs.
* Check and filter internet usage
* Track multimedia downloaded or uploaded.
* Bug the phone’s mic to listen to nearby conversations.

Photo FX
Although the iPhone is known to take the best pictures, but there may be some times when the picture you take could be rushed and turn out blurred or shaken or even a bit darker than you had hoped for. To tackle such problems, the Photo FX application works great with its numerous filters and effects. It also gives you the option of directly uploading the edited picture over a variety of multimedia sites. Now you can turn an originally destroyed picture into a real keeper by downloading this application without much hassle.
Who wouldn’t like to listen to freshly streamed music on the go while working around with other tasks on their smart phone? This has now become possible with the update iOS version of the iPhone. A music application known as Slacker, is able to stream complete albums in the background without disturbing any other ongoing processes in the background. Now, for example, you can easily answer you mails or play a game while at the same time listen to music getting streamed live in the background without any hindrances. Moreover, the upgraded system also comes with an upgraded library which allows you to save a Favorites lists, hence catching those songs off the internet and playing to you without needing your deliberate effort.
Documents to Go (Premium)
Although you may not do proper office work on a small screen like that of an iPhone, but having an application that can make important changes and edits on the go can become a real lifesaver. With the Documents to go premium applications, you will not only be able to edit, but also create and read power point, word and even excel files. Moreover, this application works well with other applications like Google Drive and Dropbox hence syncing your work and then sharing it would not pose as a problem. Sometimes people have problems working with attachments from e-mails; however you will not face this issue with this application.
GPS tracking and navigation couldn’t get better than this. Navigon is one of a kind application that comes with on board maps which means although it is a pretty heavy download, but you can have complete maps at your disposal without needing data coverage. Now you can download complete directions on a variety of planes; continents, regions, cities and many more. Also, you can turn on live traffic feeds and parking feeds therefore managing time and giving you clear instructions to reach your desired location. Huge panoramic views of the complete spatial layouts allow you to even track sign boards made to give directions.
The iOS system is known to be one of the fastest systems in the tech world. However, finding its right usage is a crucial aspect in determining the worth of its inhabiting gadget, the iPhone. Although Apple users usually don’t highlight any issues concerning application availability, there are still many apps that need to be bought and are not available for free. However, these tend to be very few in number compared to the easily accessible and free applications in abundance.