Creating a Professional Website – What You Need to Know

Like people would say, appearance says a lot, creating a professional website is a vital factor when it comes to designing a website, it gives your business the first impression it deserves, and tells your visitors how professional the service or product you offer is. Whether you are building a website for business or personal use, its design matters a lot and plays a vital role in the success of the website, not giving your website the professional look it deserves might cause you more than you would expect as it sends the visitor a bad message about the product or service you offer.

Do you need to create a professional website? Then worry no more as I will discuss things you should know and share some useful tips for designing a good looking website.

Creating a Professional Website

Tips for Creating a Professional Website

Website Purpose

The first thing you should consider when creating a website is its purpose, what product or service will it be offering, that determines how a website looks, a typical example of this is a website design for eCommerce and a website for content marketing, obviously they would both offer different things and so their layout would be different. So, getting to know the purpose of your website will give you a clear image of how it will look.

Domain Name

Just like house amidst houses, a domain name is your address people on the internet will use to find you. The domain name plays a vital role in your website creation as it gives users a foresight of your website, what product or service it offers. Without a domain name, there is no website!

Tips: Use your main keyword in your domain name, this makes it relevant, Imagine seeing the domain name, the name has already saved you the story of telling the world what your website is all about, a user interested in tech will check it out to find out more about it.

Also, make it as short and memorable as you possibly can, this makes it easy for people to remember.

In case your website is targeting a specific country, you can pick the country specific domain such as (for the United Kingdom), (Australia), .de (Germany) and the likes.

Make sure you register your website domain name with the company of good reputation to avoid jeopardy. Using the Wix website builder, you will be eligible for a free domain name for the first year.

Getting Hosting for Your Website

Buying hosting is like buying a part of the land where you build your house on, obviously, you can’t build a house without a land to build it on. When purchasing hosting from a web host provider, you are renting space on their server for your website files to reside. There are different host providers with different plans and different prices.

Tips: If you want to get hosting for a small blog or a simple website where you will upload information about the services and products your company is offering, a shared hosting plan should be ok. However, if your website receives thousands of daily visitors, you might need to upgrade to a dedicated server. And If you plan on selling products online, probably an eCommerce website, going for a VPS(virtual private server) would be a good idea as this will give you a higher control and security over your website. You can host your website on for maximum optimization, easy setup, a free domain name for the first year and other amazing features.

Giving Website a Professional Look

After getting your domain name and hosting in place, the next thing is to develop your website and give it a professional look. Ohh! I don’t know how to write PHP/HTML/CSS code, don’t worry, There are tools such as Website Builders you can use to create professional looking, fully functional websites in a short time.

Website Builders are tools used to build websites even without knowing how to code, it comes with an easy drag and drops functionality which gives you the ability to customize your website. website builders come with ready-made templates for different niches, which can be customized.

Tips: It is very important that you optimize your website for search engines, structure the URLs, titles, headlines, meta tags and content of your website properly for better optimization. Use fonts that would be easy to read across all devices and browsers. Also, use a professional logo of a high-resolution image but make sure you make it as light as possible to avoid it from increasing your website load time.

Try and arrange your website layout well to give it a good look and make it mobile friendly.

If you want to find more tips professional website design check this post from the Wix blog.

If you need a free and easy website builder to build your professional and good looking website, Wix website builder has got your back. Bellow is a video that shows you the steps


I believe with these tips, you are good to go for creating a professional website