The Smartphone Market

Smartphone Market – The evolution of internet and microchip technology over the last two decades has been astonishing to experience. When the first ever handheld cellular phone was flaunted by Motorola in the year 1973. Since then it has come to a reduction in both size and hardware to reaching the thinnest proportional size possible that is 4.85mm. Today the major fight is being waged between Android and iOS operating platforms. Besides that the fight in android market to deliver the cheapest phone with the smartest features is clearly overwhelming. There are a number of things that are to be kept in mind before planning to enter the cell phone market. The sheer size of the market can amaze you if you go through the studies available. The estimated number of smartphone users by the latest stats range up to about 1.91 billion approximately. There are at least 20 mega corporates such as Samsung, Apple etc. that produce these many tons of devices for which there is a never ending demand.

Smartphones has surpassed the level of being a mere accessory and has become an integral part of person’s life. Studies show that individuals of developed nations wake up in the morning and first thing to do is to check notification as a part of their daily chores. This success of smartphones was achieved through the success in incorporating a powerful tool such as the internet in to a device that was actually meant for communication. Now internet has become a primal tool for communication, this has made the process even more complicated. Another important aspect that makes smartphones a compelling companion to human nature is the customizability it possess through various applications. The development of android or IOS based application has become of great help in making day to day processes very easy.


The application market alone generates a huge amount of revenue, the open source nature of these simple programs makes it more attractive.

smartphone market

Another major use of smartphones is the digital privacy it assures. This is perhaps the most significant factor a smartphone can possess, the security and encryption provided by smartphones using locks and passwords make sure that there cannot be any casual break-ins. Email integration, 4G networking, video calling all these factors adds the perpetual success and demand of the product genre in smartphone market

Today the major marketing fight is going on in the lower budget markets, with emerging companies trying to shine in the spot light with cheaper phones which provides facilities which phones of higher prices boasts about. The Indian smartphone market recently saw the advertising technique which claimed to produce the cheapest 4G smart phone ever conceived. This kind of ideology to compete with the leading markets of China and America is seamlessly adapted by many corporations. Over the years we have seen the rise and fall of the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones the Nokia Corporation in smartphone market. It shows how tricky and ever updating the market is today. I hope this article has  helped you in understanding what the smartphone market represents today. Good Luck


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