The best place for buying a laptop is waiting for you

If you want to buy a great device for low price you should check out some classifieds. That’s what my friend told me. He knew I wanted to get a new laptop and advised to look for the one in some service offering pre-owned stuff by different people. Frankly speaking, it didn’t sound like a good idea, so we had a little bet whether it is a good decision or not. I lost.

jiji is a popular Nigerian classifieds website (as it turned out). Somehow it manages to specialize in all possible spheres and categories. I opened Computers and Laptops section and was impressed. The number of offers was pretty impressive, and the price-quality relation was really great. The website is very ‘friendly’. You can click on different points to adjust the list of offers you get. Personally for me, it was more convenient to view the offers according to their price using the list order. That’s what I did. For those who know what they want to get, there are several other tags and filters. I didn’t, so I started scanning the whole list. By the way, after viewing every advert you get the list of similar and frequent requests, a pretty useful thing, I would say.

It took some time to make a decision. Finally, I called the seller. He picked out the phone after some dial tones (while I was still thinking it is impossible for everything to be that good), and we agreed to meet on the next day. That’s it. I lost the bet and won a great device.

Still don’t believe it is too good to be true? Check out Jiji Computers and laptops and make away with any doubts.