Swiftkey App Now Available On iOS ; Make Typing Faster And Easier

This is a good news for iOS user, the great swiftkey keyboard which is already available for a while now on Android devices is now available on iOS users ( iPhone and iPad ) .With Swiftkey Note App, iOS users can now enjoy the goodies Android users has being enjoying using this app.

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I started using Swiftkey keyboard lately last year when i saw one of my friend typing on his android device by just sliding his finger on the keyboard, i was like whao ! On android, meanwhile the feature is called Swipe which is not available on my own android device, then i made my way straight to Google PlayStore to find the feature, fortunately i sighted a better option which is Swiftkey, I installed it on my phone but the one i installed then is a free version and is cool though, but using a app with that cool features, you will have to go for the premium version to find out and enjoy the premium features, Now am using the premium version which cost less than $5 on playstore and i can proudly tell you the app is nothing but a Great one. Thank God the iOS users can now enjoy this app also, is such a great move by swiftkey.

Seeing Swiftkey keyboard at the first place might seem like just another keyboard with a custom toolbar at the top, but the fact is that the app have more than you can imagine. Apart from helping you to type faster using different tricks to suggest words and predicting what you are going to write through the advanced text prediction software. With Swiftkey Note you can type a few words without even needing to tap the Space key, If you are a note-taker, then you will need this app so as to help you save time.

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Mind you, unlike Android Swiftkey Keyboard, the iOS version of Swiftkey don’t have the Swiftkey cloud which lets you enable Swiftkey to have access into your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook accounts to learn from the way you write on them and to improve its suggestions in predicting. But instead, Swiftkey Note lets you sync
with your Evernote account in order to fetch your notes if you want and most importantly to improve its prediction algorithms.

How can I get Swiftkey note App ?

SwiftKey Note is an iOS app developed by SwiftKey and can be downloaded in the App Store for free unlike that of Android Swiftkey Keyboard which is available both in free and paid version, but since is free for iOS users, there
really is no reason for you not to give it a shot.

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What did you think about this app ? Have you use it before either on your android or ipad, let me know your experience with this app.

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