How to Stop & Turn Off Messages on Mac

If you have synced your iPhone with your Mac, sometimes you might probably receive an iMessage texts on your Mac. You want to turn this feature off, as it bothers you, interrupts you while you are working, we now have solutions for you. In this post, we will share with you the way to stop iMessages notifications with a simple step by turning off the messages feature on your Mac. Follow this post on how you can put out of action and turn off messages on Mac.

Apple is inter-connecting all their devices together to get the best experience for their customers. However, sometime it causes the annoyance and interferes with the seamlessness. All your devices are connected through your Apple ID. So, whenever you are logged into your Mac, you will be able to send and receive messages.

Steps to Turn Off Messages on Mac OS

  • First, you launch your Messages app on the Mac.
  • Then, you click the top bar on the Messages and choose the Preferences
  • After that, a Accounts window will appear
  • Now you choose your Apple ID from the left column.
  • Finally, you uncheck the ‘Enable this Account’ box or you simply sign out from the account.

You have successfully turned off message on Mac. However, whenever you want to use the iMessage on your Mac OS, you only turn the ‘Enable this Account’ box on again and you will be able to send and receive the messages. If you have already logged out then you just need to come back to the Preferences -> Accounts and log back in so that the iMessages works again

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Hope this post can help you turn off this feature. You can share this post to people who wants to turn off this iMessages feature but they have not yet to find the solution. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.