Steps To Sync iCloud With Windows 10 Calendar

Syncing between iCloud and Windows 10 calendar is nearly incompatible. You are not able to sync your iCloud with Windows 10 calendar, as Apple just gives the limited access to different operating software. So, the real-time synchronization can only be achieved between your iOS devices and Mac.

If you have an iPhone and a Windows 10computer, it is not easy to manage between the two. Although Google played an important part in syncing between Notes, Contacts and n Calendar, you might be at lost coming to different apps.

However, that does not mean you cannot sync your iCloud with your Windows 10 computer as there is a workaround method to help you do that. That’s called CalDAV. Although Apple has recently introduced a new iCloud app for Windows users so that they can use the iCloud services, the app was not received goo feedback as the user experience was not same as the MAC.

How to Sync iCloud with Windows 10 Calendar

Windows 10 has brought an update for the Calendar app, including significant changes. One of the best changes to the Calendar is that it allows you to sync iCloud with Windows 10 calendar. However, you can only sync multiple iCloud calendars on a single window.

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Syncing iCloud with Windows 10 calendar is fairly easy to do, which is a two-step process. You only manage the settings and then add the iCloud account. After you have synced your iCloud with Windows 10 calendar, you will have the access to create appointments, events and more no matter Windows or iOS or MAC OS. The process will sync between each other in just a few seconds and then work perfectly. Here are the steps to easily sync iCloud with Windows 10 calendar:

  1. First launch your calendar app on your computer running Windows 10 OS.
  2. Now, click on the settings icon at bottom left of the sidebar.
  3. From the list, click the Manage Accounts Here you will see all the accounts you have previously added on your Windows Computer.
  4. Select the Add account option
  5. Next, simply click on the iCloud option.
  6. Now, add your credentials in the dialog boxes.

For example, if you have an iCloud account, like, you need to change it to After that, enter the same password of your iCloud account and click the Sign-in button. Finally, click on ‘Done’ at the follwing window popup.

Once done, you will be prompted to return to the main screen of the Windows calendar app. Here you will see your iCloud account on the left sidebar.