Steps To Download Audio On YouTube to Your iPhone/ iPad

YouTube is the most favorite and popular website for videos, music, and movies. You can enjoy millions of songs anywhere and anytime without any restrictions. Listening music on YouTube does not require you to log in Google account to get started. Furthermore, the best thing is it has all the songs around the world, and especially it’s free to listen to. You can enjoy the music video with high quality without having to pay any fee. Although YouTube comes with a range of great features, one thing that makes many users disappointed is not allowing downloading videos or music directly. So in this post, we’ll share with you the way to download the audio on YouTube simply.

Download YouTube Videos As Audio MP3 Format On iPhone

As we said earlier, YouTube does not allow downloading MP3 sounds directly. So if you are using an iPhone/iPad and want to get your favorite songs in MP3 format, you will need a help of the third party app in order to download music from YouTube website. You will need an app to convert YouTube videos to MP3 lyric. There are a lot of apps available to help you do this job. But all of them requires you to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad for the installation. The latest iOS 10 and previous versions can now be easily jailbroken. You can refer here to get it.

Now, see steps to download YouTube audio to your iPhone/iPad.

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Steps to Download YouTube Audio to iPhone

  1. First, launch Cydia and install the Youtube++ app on your iPhone.
  2. Once done, launch the app and search for the song you want to download to your iPhone.
  3. Now, tap on the Save button, then choose Save with ++ to start downloading.
  4. Next, go to the Downloads folder and move the downloaded video to Camera Roll.
  5. Now download and install this app to convert the downloaded music videos to audio (mp3) file.
  6. Once done, launch the Video to MP3 app, select Device Gallery option and choose your downloaded video file.
  7. Now tap on Choose button to start converting the downloaded videos to MP3 format file.
  8. Finally, enter the name to save your MP3 song.

These are steps to easily download YouTube audio on your iPhone/iPad. You can also do it  by using your PC and Mac, but you will need a software installed on your computer to convert videos on YouTube into MP3 files.