How To Solve iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone Error

iTunes is the software that cannot miss on your computer if you have an iPhone/iPad. It helps you to update, back up your iPhone or create ring tones, install apps with from your computer. But sometimes, iTunes shows an annoying error “iTunes Could Not Connect to this iPhone”. If you have the same trouble, follow this guide below to fix this error.

This error has also occurred with many Apple users and it does not happen with iPhones, but also iPod and iPad devices. When the error appears, all actions you can do with iTunes will stop working like transferring music, taking backups etc.

Once you get this error, it will start showing up every open iTunes unless you have the solutions. Here are the errors that can be fixed.

  • iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. This device is no longer connected.
  • iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. This value is missing.
  • iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode.
  • iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred.
  • iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because the device timed out.
Methods to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone Error

There are certain solutions to troubleshooting this issue:

  1. Plug a different USB Port 

The error might come from the installed drivers on your computer. So, you can try a different USB port like a charm. Simply remove the USB cable on your computer and then plug it into another one. If the issue comes from the port, it should be fixed now.

  1. Change the USB Cable

It’s possible that your USB cable you use has been broken inside due to a prolonged usage period. The internal components might break down or get loose resulting in malfunction. You can replace by another certificated USB cable by Apple and then check the result if the issue has been resolved.

  1. Terminate ATH.exe process

The ATH.exe usually engages the driver as well as the hardware specs that are required to connect your iOS device. That leads to the reason your computer won’t be able to detect any connected device and show the iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone error. All you need to is right clicking on Taskbar to open ‘Task Manager’, and click Processes to find ATH.exe. Next, press ‘delete’ button on your keyboard to confirm your choice.

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  1. Reinstall iTunes & Restart Everything 

If you have tried all the above solutions, but it does not work, it’s time to restart your computer. Before doing that, if possible, you should reinstall iTunes on your computer. After that, check if the error disappears after rebooting your computer.

  1. Check your iPhone

The USB port on your iPhone/iPad could be a fault. The internal components might get issues after being applied extra pressure while plugging the cable into the socket. If you are not sure, take your phone to the nearest Apple service center.

These are five methods you can try to fix iTunes could not connect to this iPhone error. If you have other solutions, let’s know in the comment.