How smartphone light affects your brain and body

You might need to take this into consideration while operating your smartphone

Nowadays, where internet dominate the world and the number of smartphone users is something one can regards to as more than many, the time these people spend on it have increased tremendously with lot of things to do on it, gaming, chatting, surfing the net, blogging, video streaming to mention a few, and the fact that it’s mobile.

Getting addicted with smartphone seems to be normal thing but frankly speaking, there are some harmful effects this act cause as you always have to face the blue light the smartphone is emmiting most especially at dark hours.

The blue light is strong enough to confuse your brain into thinking the sun is still up, this cause the brain to puts off the production of melatonin, this is an hormone that tells your body to sleep. Low or no production of this hormone means its harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Here is how smartphone light affects your brain and body;

smartphone light affects brain

Photo Credit : Tech Insider

To limit some part of these effects, there are some measures to take, but still there are some you can’t prevent than you to limit time spent with your phone to prevent these health issues, taking exercise is a crucial part but am not talking of any exercise here, I can’t say much, am not a health blogger, remember?

You can implore the eyes exercise, this kind of exercise don’t require you standing up or run before you can get it done. Though there is no scientific proof that this so call eye exercise will improve your eyes vision but it helps to prevent potential eyes problems, this process involves strengthen your eye muscles so as to improve focusing, eye movements, and stimulate the vision center of your brain. A simplest way to do this is looking at an object from a far distance for a few seconds to strengthen your eyes muscle, you can do this like every 30mins while operating your phone.

Also, you can reduce your smartphone screen brightness, this will reduce the blue light emitted by your mobile phone.

In addition, using dark color (like black) as background or interface helps also, example of this is using the Uc browser night mode option when surfing the internet at night.

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