Shutdown, Hibernate & Sleep Mode – The Best For Your Pc

Shutdown Or Hibernate – These two modes are controversial on which is best for longer battery life , Am discussing in this particular article the 3 power option modes ; Shutdown, Hibernate And Sleep and the best situation and time to use them for a better battery and user’s experience. Shutdown, Hibernate Or Sleep


To start with ; Let me explain the term Shutdown, Hibernate and Sleep

  • Shutdown ; Is a common mode with users , when you select Shutdown, all opened programs will be closed along with the operating system and after it has been shutdown, your Pc will not consume power. Selecting this mode, there is no going back. However, if you want it to go back to work, you will have to turn it on again and wait for the system to boot for the operating system to run.

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  • Hibernate ; hibernation is not really a common mode among users though is similar to Sleep mode but instead of saving the data in RAM, in this mode the data will be saved to a file on your hard drive so that when you restart the computer from Hibernate mode, the operating system and running applications as well as your data will be removed from the hard drive and loaded into RAM so that you can continue the work unlike that of shutdown mode. Hibernatiion is a deeper “off state” than sleep, and thus offers greater power savings
  • Sleep ; This is also known as Standby Mode. In Sleep mode, the computer is put into a state that consumes less energy than normal. Power is only used to maintain the system’s memory with the applications and data you are working on while other parts of the computer will be shut down to save power. When you turn on your computer from Sleep mode, the system will boot quickly than normal and the data will be retrieved from memory in a few seconds, then you can quickly return to work without waiting for the system to restart from the beginning again.


Best time to use these modes (Shutdown, Hibernate And Sleep) depends on the needs and habits of the users. but selecting the appropriate mode at the best situation improve users experience and as well the battery life. Is advisable to shutdown your pc when you are no more using your computer and leaving it for a longer time, hibernate will be best when you have running applications on  your computer and you want to continue the work later which will not take long ( 5 – 10hours ) meanwhile, occasionally some applications may not work properly when launched from Hibernate mode, then you will need to shut down and restart your computer , you can as well put your computer in a sleep mode when you need to leave the computer for a short time such as nap time. Instead of letting the computer operate, you can put it in Sleep mode to save power and battery but Hibernate mode saves more power than Sleep.

Dear readers, what is your experience with Shutdown, Hibernate and Sleep? Or what else did you know about these modes, and again which one did u use most or which advantages or disadvantage you have experience with the modes.


  1. all thanks…have been expecting this but have an issue with hibernate on my PC…when i hibernate it it usually disappear the screen and produce a black screen but the power light on the power button usually blinks any help on this my HP 655

  2. Hi Wale,
    There is one thing I know and that is; shut down! I always shut down my laptop and don’t go in with hibernate or sleep mode. Hahaha!

    • Thks cudjoe for sharing your mind on this topics, i can see you always shutdown your computer every time you get to choose between the power options, What an Habit 😉

      But assuming you working on something you dont want to start over when you on back your computer after a break, no doubt you will put hibernation and sleep into consideration

  3. @hiidee,i dnt think I get you, with what you described, it seems your system is in sleep mode instead of hibernate mode…. Right?

    • @hiidee,
      Ok, if i get what you say right, if you hibernate it still blink the power button light but the screen will be already blank…. right ? But what if you press the power button back to on your system, what do you notice ? does it show the sign it resume from hibernation ?

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    • If that’s the case, then its either in hibernate or sleep mode but since you said the power button light is blinking then its in sleep mode, to be sincere i don’t know what cause this.

  5. I always hibernate my computer when I’m leaving it to attend to other stuffs. When I’m back to it, everything works just like I left it. No libilibi, No labalaba. My computer goes off only when I’m going to sleep.