Yeah ! Black Friday is here again, and up next is the Cyber Monday , these result in probably a change in commerce where online retailers & retail store gives an aggressive discounts on items.


I Don’t get what Black Friday & Cyber Monday is ?

  • BLACK FRIDAY ; This is the Friday following thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday is the beginning of December holiday shopping attracting shoppers seeking an aggressive discount on Christmas items.
  • CYBER MONDAY ; This is another online shopping opportunity with discount on items that falls on Monday after the Black Friday

But assuming that you are not opportune or have the chance to shop on both days, then the question is When is the better time to shop ? Black Friday or Cyber Monday ?


Pros ; Reasons to shop on Black Friday

  1. The prices might be better than that of Cyber Monday
  2. You can actually see what you want to buy and even try it.
  3. You might miss some great bargain you can’t avoid to miss if you don’t go

Cons of Black Friday

  1. The only things I see for this black friday is that the price might be dropping gradually by day, which means you can have a more discount on Cyber Monday. It Depends !

Is Black Friday now the best time to Shop ? Or Cyber Monday ? Stay Calm and Keep Reading !


Pros ; Reasons to shop on Cyber Monday

  1. You can easily compare price of the item you want to buy online.
  2. Is Easier and somehow Faster
  3. You can shop right in your Office.

Cons of Cyber Monday

  1. You might be busy at work since is Monday which is a day where you might get lot of work on desk to do.
  2. You might have to wait for shipping.
  3. You might have miss a great discount on Black Friday.

Dear DTB readers, are you shopping today which is Black friday ? And which items did you want to go for ? let rub mind together and share our experience for better shopping.

But wait, be careful of what you go for because of the hype , try and know what deal is good and the one that is not.

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