How to Share Internet Connection From Phone to PC Using A USB Cable

Hey guys, today I’m going to teach you something very simple but very useful. If you are one of those folks who enjoy rocking free browsing on their phone or perhaps just have much data on your smartphone and you really want to look up something on the Internet using your PC then I’m sure you will be grateful to know that you can share your phone’s Internet connection with your PC. Yes, this can be done via WI-FI but most of our desktops don’t have wireless connection so we are going to use a USB cable this time.


1. This tutorial applies to Android.
2. This method doesn’t remove any network restrictions you may have, for example if you subscribed for the Airtel WhatsApp pack you cannot use this because that plan is only for WhatsApp and won’t work on other apps.
3. The connection may not be very fast.




Having said that, here is how to share your phone’s Internet connection with your PC via a USB cable.

1. You need to first turn on the internet connection on your android phone/tablet by simply going to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks . Then enable it from
there. Most times however you just need to drag down the drawers beneath your network symbol and then chose DATA CONNECTION.

2. Ensure USB debugging mode is switched on. If you are not sure, navigate to Settings > Developers > OPTIONS then make sure USB debugging is ticked.

3. After that is done, simply connect the android to YOUR PC by means of the USB cable.

4. As soon as it’s connected, a pop-up will appear on the notification bar on your smartphone, just tap USB tethering.
However, if it doesn’t appear, kindly go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Portable Hotspot then click on USB Tethering to enable.

5. Then wait for the PC to configure your IP, within some some seconds, it should be connected. You can verify if it has connected by looking at the network icon at the bottom right corner or the system tray.

I hope this was useful. You can drop any questions below.