How To Sell An Unused iPhone

You have an old phone and you no longer use it, though it still works well. Instead of recycling it, you can sell your old or unwanted phone to someone who needs it.

There are a few decent ways that can help in selling your stuff. Here are the best places so that you can take your old phone for sale to earn money.


Visit eBay

This global online marketplace is an extremely great place for trading. As long as you want, it will give you the access to the most potential buyers. Simply register a user account, and then post a listing for your phone with the help of the eBay app rather than the desktop version. It also allows you to take pictures, add the description as well as monitor your bids and even reply to the potential bidder queries.

There is the only downside that is the fees eBay will charge you for selling on it.


Once you use the service, your listings will appear on the popular search terms, especially when you are selling an iPhone or other sought. While the system is not quite as excellent as eBay’s, it’s still a great alternative.

Facebook Marketplace

Visit Facebook Marketplace

It’s a new service for those who want to buy or sell stuff. Facebook’s Marketplace is a location-based place. It lets you easily post items, which is similar to a Facebook status. You can also choose the locations to display your items, but you should keep in mind that picking up upon purchase is important for your buyer. Don’t forget to be cautious about the buyer!


Generally, Gumtree is similar to eBay. However, you need to categorize and regionalize listings to sell to other people in your area, and you will have to arrange for the buyer to collect.

Although you’re selling an old phone but still works well, you should also arrange an appointment in a public place with the buyer if possible. Gumtree is a fast way to advertise and sell your unused phone.

Visit Gumtree

O2 Recycle

Many of you here usually think of O2 as a place to purchase phones rather than sell them, but in fact, the O2 Recycle scheme is a very great way to earn some money from your old phone.

To use the service, you don’t need to be on O2, as it accepts a wide range of devices with the competitive prices. Since the devices are recycled, O2 will still purchase a faulty device, but the price will be less due to fewer of the salvageable parts.

Visit O2 Recycle

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Music Magpie

This service will absolutely attract you with an immediate quote for your phone. All you need is visiting the site and typing in the model of the phone you want to sell. You can also choose a couple of things such as the storage capacity and physical condition for further details. Just visit the site and get started to sell your old phone.

Visit Music Magpie


Envirofone is another friendly service that can help you sell your older device. It will be resold in the UK, and refurbished or recycled for a developing country. Prices are also competitive, and when you are willing to sell your old phone for ‘Envirocash’, you can get 10 percent more.

Visit Envirofone


CeX has been famous for years and is trusted as a good & secure place to sell your old phone. It lets you buy or sell devices online, but the easiest way is selling your old phone in store. You can also swap your old phone for cash or for credit in store, which is worthier. Sell your phone online like Music Magpie by sending it off, and then get the cash by popping into a store.

Visit CeX online