How to Search Message History on iPhone: iMessage and Facebook

Search iMessage History

The search function in iMessage can only help you check recent messages, which means when swiping left to delete a previous message, it will not appear when you are in search for your history. However, it enables you to look through the history of all messages included in your list. Here is how to:

  •  Launch the Messages app.
  •  Go to the Search bar, which is at the very top of app’s interface
  •  Tap the search bar and enter someone’s name, word or phrase that you’re seeking.
  •  If you find what you want then tap on that specific message and it will open the conversation containing that content. In order to find it easy, the iMessage you located will turn slightly darker grey at first.

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Search Facebook Messenger Conversations

Lately, users still cannot search for certain messages in the iOS Facebook or Facebook Messenger app. To do so, you have no way but sign into your account on your computer. It’s also worth noticing that if one message was deleted, it won’t appear when searching. Check out below instruction to search Facebook Messenger messages:

  •  Log in to your Facebook account on your computer.
  •  On the left side of the main page, tap on Messenger.
  •  Then, you will be taken to the desktop version of Messenger. You can see a Search Bar at the top left of the message list.
  •  As you start entering the term you want to find, it will automatically search for people. However, you can also see a box saying Search Messages for “[search term]“. Click on that.
  •  After that, it will find the entered key words in all your messages. Tap on a message to receive the results in orange/yellow color.
  •  At the top position, it will let you know the number of results found within that message. The app also has two arrows, which make it convenient for you to check the results.

Similarly to iMessage, as you click on a result, you will immediately go to that part of the message. Thanks to this feature of Facebook messenger, user can find back old messages, both individual, group conversations and archived messages.