How To Recover Data From Hard Drive Of A Dead Laptop

Did your laptop just crashed ? and your computer is not booting anymore. It may be due to a problem with the operating system or the computer’s hardware is faulty. Whatever might cause the problem, that may not be the issue if you have important files trapped inside the laptop, imagine having your project or a vital document trapped inside a dead computer, see how frustrating such thing will be. People think if a computer crashed or died, all the data contained also is died, thats not so. There is a way to Recover Data From Hard Drive Of A Dead Laptop.

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Chill, hard drive recovery of a dead computer is not something that difficult as you might think but take note that your data may not be recoverable without some professional data recovery service if your computer isn’t working because the hard drive died.


I will be explaining 3 different way to Recover Data From Hard Drive Of A Dead Laptop.

1. USING Windows Installation Disc or Linux Live CD ; If it happens that is your Windows installation ( Operating system ) that corrupt, then your computer is not actually dead. You can simply recover your files by booting from a Windows installer disc or Linux live CD.

How To Recover Data From Hard Drive Of A Dead Laptop Using Windows Installation Disc or Linux Live CD ?

Insert the Windows installer disc or Linux live CD into the computer and lets it load, If it boots the disc, you can now connect a USB flash or external hard drive and copy the files to the device. Now your files will be recovered back.

Simple … huh ? but what if the computer doesn’t boot a Linux live CD or Windows installer disc? then use the second method am about to discuss…

2. USING THE DIED COMPUTER HARD DISK ON OTHER COMPUTER ; If it happens that the laptop doesn’t boot Windows installer or Linux Live CD, obviously that is hardware problem, it can be your motherboard, CPU, memory or any other components that is damaged. Anyway your computer’s hard drive can still be working properly. If this is the case, then you have to remove the hard disk and connect it to another working computer.

How to go about this ? just follow the bellow steps carefully.

  • Open the computer’s case and locate the hard drive ( Somehow simple with desktop computers but a bit difficult in laptops if you are not familiar with it before ) .
  • Disconnect its cables, unscrew it, and pull the hard disk out of the case. Note : Be carefull not to screw your hard drive up. Do this at your own risk.
  • Then connect the hard drive to another working computer. This can done in 2 ways, either you insert the hard disk into the working computer or you connect the hard disk as an external device ,

To connect the hard disk as an external device,

Get a hard drive disk enclosure ; The enclosure will allow you to place a computer’s hard drive into it and turn your laptop’s hard drive into an external hard drive which you can connect it to another computer via a Usb Port

  • Now you can copy your files to the computer or any other external devices.

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The third method, will be specialize for Macs Only

3 . USING A FIREWIRE CABLE ; This is use to recover data from hard drive of Mac computer

  • Get a working Mac Computer and a firewire cable
  • Turn off the working Mac computer
  • Connect the dead Mac to the working Mac with the FireWire cable.
  • Starts the working computer in “Target Mode” by pressing T key until the FireWire icon appears while starting the starting the computer. Or simply go to System Preferences > Startup Disk > Target Mode and restart.
  • Now find and open the hard disk of the dead computer and copy your files from it.

But as people use to say, Prevention is better than cure, have you ever ask yourself what will happen if you lost any data on your laptop, this is a reason why you should backup your data. Which to me is the best way to recover your data from hard drive of a dead computer.

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