You are on twitter, Good ! Fine !! but believe me twitter as an online social networking that enables users to send and read “tweets”, the fun of it is following interesting people with tweet you will love to read like @dawatech (i laugh) and also having great people following you and giving your nice tweets enough exposure and audience and also keeping the conversation going.

reason why i won't follow you

But believe me, following people might be easy as clicking the follow button but what of how to gain twitter followers ? this is where the problem lies. Noting the bellow reasons why people won’t follow you on twitter and amending it where necessary, then you willl see some good changes.


  • AVATAR ; Don’t expect a person to follow you when you are still using the default egg avatar, an image of a celebrity or someone who isn’t you, or anything not appealing to the eyes. Seeing an egg avatar on an account, what will you think ? probably many will be like “this dudes is an amateur or a new registered user” which will discourage people from following your handle if at all you get good things to offer. Tips ; The best Twitter avatar is a genuine pic of you and also considering how small the image is displayed, as you all know that is often displayed in a small box,using a small size picture will be preferable and also you can get more attention with your Twitter header photo and background.
  • FOLLOWING / FOLLOWERS RATE ; Based on the ratio, if the rate of people following you (twitter followers) to the rate of people you are following is bad, yeah! bad in the sense that you follow many people but few people follow you, don’t get it twisted , let say you have like 10 or 50 followers but the people you are following is something around 3 or 4 figures, (100 – 1000 ) , using the simple arithmetic “following/followers” => 100/10 , thats is 10 , Oh NO ! i don’t think i can follow you , the figure must be something around 1.2 or less, for example @twitter is following 1,200 people and have like 2,000 followers, using the simple arithmetic 1200/2000 that is 0.6 even if it is 1300 followers, thats 1.08 Awesome ! this is an awesome handle to follow if and only if it follows the next factor am about to discuss.
  • TWEET ; Are you the type that post irrelevant tweets , am sorry for you because most people hate seeing nonsense (sorry for using the word) flooding their news feed, or are you the type that post once in a while , i don’t mean tweeting every hour or tweeting too much but people like active users. Imagine checking timeline and see the last tweet to be 10days ago or a month interval, that shows you are not an active users, so take note !

Other reasons why people won’t follow you on twitter are ; Your account is protected , Your twitter handle don’t have a bio or is an anonymous one and lastly you don’t use to follow back even if the handle worth following.

Personally, if you fall victim of the mention factors, i won’t follow you, Yeah ! you heard me right and I believe most people won’t rather which means you might not get followers and if at all you get, it may be few and not the targeted or desired one.

Dear DTB Readers, what are the reasons you think personally you wouldn’t follow people handle. Drop your thought on this issue and lets the conversion keep going, and kindly share this with your friends on your social networking sites.


  1. Hi Quadri,
    very informative post. . . yes, twitter followers are important. . There are some bloggers who don’t use twitter properly. . .
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You are right sir, twitter is a nice social networking site most especially having tons of followers

    thks adithya, have a lovely week ahead