Reason Why My Laptop Is Better Than Yours!

Don’t be surprise if I tell you my laptop is better than yours, you might own the most expensive laptop ever but the question is Are you making the best out of your laptop? Having a good laptop is a great asset but making the best out of it is another thing, imagine having an iPhone and all you use it to do is to call and receive, Oh NO! That’s a waste of asset considering all features and goodies the smartphone posses. Anyway, you want to know reason why my laptop is better than yours, right ? fine! Listen then and lets see how my laptop is better than yours.

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Reason why my laptop is the best

Reason Why My Laptop Is Better Than Yours!

  • I Have A Backup For My Laptop ; As we all know that Backing up data is an important task, things go wrong sometimes, hard disk might fails even the most reliable computer breaks down, mine can’t break though 😉 , Just kidding, so since my data has no life guarantee, I have my data secured by backing them through copying and archiving of my computer data to another storage for the purpose of restoring it later if the data loss or something goes wrong, this process yield Backup which I can use to recover my data after its loss,corruption or deletion and i can as well use this Backup to restore my data to its previous version.

“Backup ; Indeed a Life Saver – Dawatech”

  • My Laptop Boot Faster ; It sounds somehow for a laptop to take a long time to boot because it may be be frustrating at time when you have to do an urgent work on your computer and it takes minutes to boot. My Laptop boot faster than you can ever imagine. Check the link for tips to make your own laptop also to boot fast.
  • I Partition My Laptop Hard Disk ; Partitioning a computer hard disk serves many purpose and have great importance out of which is the reason i opted to partition my laptop hard disk. I Partitioned my laptop hard disk so that it will helps in case my system crash where formatting may be the only solution to it,  so that i can format only the local disk and leave the volume where I kept all my vital files I can’t avoid to lose. Don’t give up yet Buddie, hope you are counting the scores ?
  • My Laptop Can Run Android App & Games ; Google Playstore has a lot of amazing Android apps and games out of which some of the them are not available for computers, but my laptop can run Android App & Games. Isn’t that cool ?
  • My Laptop Battery Last Longer ; Many people complains and are not satisfy with the way their laptop battery just drain away within blink of an eyes but the case is not with my Laptop, i optimize it and brings the best out of it !
  • With My Laptop, I Can Recover My Lost Files ; Since eradicating a file/data completely is not as easy as it seems, I don’t lose hope on my deleted or lost files/folder, if i mistakenly delete a vital file or folder containing an important document OR i notice a sudden disappearance of a file whether due to an operation or external action or even overwritten of my files, there is probability i can recover the files.

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My Laptop Is Better Than Yours Because I Put These Into Consideration ;

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2. I Avoid Common Computer Misakes ; There are some mistakes people do often on their computer that is bad for their computer and might cause damage to it later if not immediately, i avoid this mistakes on my laptop.

3. Before Installing Software, I Do These… ; Am not an addicts of Agree, next & Install , i takes precaution and put things into consideration before installing  software on my laptop.

4. I Use The Right Power Option At The Right Time ; Shutdown, Hibernate & Sleep, i chooses the best option at the best time always for a longer battery life.


Did you now realize the reason why my laptop is better than yours?  I believe you agree with me or is your laptop better than mine? Let me hear you through the comment box.

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  1. I should speak my mind?
    I think my laptop is better than yours because it supports Mozilla Firefox. Hahahah!
    That is my favourite. I care less of hard disk size or games, so far as there is Mozilla, I’m content.

  2. My laptop performs all the tasks you metionsed above and it also monitors,screensnap,log keys and videos activites as far as am running it