Steps to Prevent your Laptop from Overheating

How to Prevent that frustrating laptop overheating

The reason most modern laptops crash easily these days is mostly because of overheating. Think about it this way, as humans we need enough air to be able to breathe fine and live in good health. If you don’t get enough air you know there will be a problem. This is same with laptops and even other electronic gadgets we use today, when they overheat often they will crash. In this post, I will walk you through some easy steps to prevent your laptop from overheating.


Thanks to you and I, we love very slim laptops. So we force laptop manufacturers to compact everything just to ensure it is slim and sexy but we pay the price because this actually cause our laptops to overheat often and then crash. This is because while trying to keep it slim, laptop manufacturers will have to make every component small and tight, if you know what I mean!



  • Don’t put your laptop on anything like a cushion when it is switched on. The soft material could obstruct the airflow vents, especially the rear vents, which could cause the computer to overheat.
  • Never put anything over your keyboard when the laptop is operating in the closed-lid mode. It’s likely that this will cause the computer to repeatedly turn on and off. This could produce considerable heat and could also drain your battery [source: Apple].
  • Shut down your computer overnight to let it cool off. If you use it intermittently during the day, set it to go into standby mode when not in use. This will save power and reduce heat output from the laptop’s components.
  • Make sure your laptop is always switched off when it’s in a bag.
  • Clean the air vents. Dust accumulates on the vents, which will block them and prevent them from working efficiently.

I hope this was useful. If you have any question kindly use the comments.