How Play YouTube In Background On iPhone/iPad

Most of apps now allow running in the background, but the YouTube app is an exception when users can’t play videos in the background. It will happen with you when you are listening to your favorite song on YouTube, but accidentally lock your phone or switch to a different app. The current song on YouTube will stop playing.

If you feel it’s frustrating at times, don’t worry since we are going to tell you a simple trick that allows you to play YouTube videos in the background of your without the need for opening the YouTube app.

No matter if you are using an Android and iOS device, here is a solution to listen to YouTube videos in the background even when your screen is turned off or locked. We’ll get started with Android devices.

Steps to play YouTube in the background on Android:

Here’s a step by step instruction to play YouTube app in the background on Android devices. Follow these steps below and you will be able to play your favorite YouTube songs while using other apps or when the screen is turned off.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Every Android device is pre-installed Chrome browser and many of you usually use it as your default web browser. All you need is opening Google Chrome in your Android device and make sure it’s already updated to the latest version, which can be downloaded from the Google Play.

Step 2: Enable Desktop site

Once you open Chrome browser on Android device, you will then see the favicons of recent websites that you visited with three vertical dots at the top right.

Next, tap on the three vertical dots and you will see a list of options in Chrome. From there, you have to check “Desktop site” option. Once you have enabled “Desktop site” on Chrome app, all websites you visited will load as a desktop version.

Step 3: Visit

Now, visit from the address bar. Chrome will then open the YouTube desktop version in your Android device.

Entering the YouTube URL in the field is very important if you want to play YouTube videos in the background. Ensure you type in the URL correctly or else it will redirect you to Google search results. Opening YouTube from search results will automatically launch the YouTube app, which you don’t want to happen.

Step 4: Select the video from search results

Now, simply search for the video that you want to play it in the background. Tap on the video from results and it will automatically start playing in the Chrome browser.

It’s now the same with YouTube that you use on your Desktop. The best part is features of YouTube Desktop version still working as intended. There is only a downside when zooming out the entire webpage and you might feel uncomfortable when reading and tapping on the page elements.

Step 5: Play video in the background

You now have to minimize the Chrome just by tapping on the Home button. Make sure will not tap on the Back button so that Chrome will not be removed from recent apps.

You can now play YouTube videos in the background after closing the app with the home button. When you swipe down the notification panel, you will see a mini media player on top that you are playing in Chrome.

To pause or play the video, simply use the play/pause button. The Back button will reverse the video for 5 seconds. It works as the arrow key in the YouTube desktop version.

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Steps to play YouTube Video in Background on iOS Devices

Now, here is a solution to listen to YouTube audio in the background on Apple devices. To play YouTube Music in the background on iOS, simply follow these below steps:

Step 1: Launch Safari browser

Safari is also preinstalled in Apple devices and you can take advantage of it to do the trick. Make sure to update your Safari browser before playing YouTube in the background on your iOS devices.

If you frequently use Chrome on your iOS device, then you are out of luck. The method only works on Safari browser and there is only one choice of using it.

Step 2: Visit YouTube website

In the address bar, you need to type in and hit Go button to open YouTube page on your device.

Make sure to open the YouTube website directly by entering the correct URL in address bar and not from Google search results.

Step 3: Request Desktop site

After YouTube page is loaded, simply tap on the Share icon at the bottom and select Request Desktop Site option. The page will then load the YouTube desktop version.

Step 4: Play YouTube Video

Now all you need is to choose the video that you want to play in the background and in Safari browser. The chosen video will then start playing automatically like YouTube player.

Step 5: Minimize Safari browser to play video in the background

Now, simply press the home button or use gesture to minimize Safari to return to your home screen. The YouTube video still keeps playing in the background and there will be a notification with video controls at the top of Notification Center.

To pause, play or rewind, forward the video, you just swipe down from top of your iOS device to open up Notification Center. From there, you can control the video with Play, Right or Left arrows.

That’s how to play YouTube videos in the background on both Android and iOS devices through Chrome and Safari browsers. If you feel this trick useful, let’s know in the comment below.