How To Play YouTube In Background On Android

The biggest YouTube’s restriction for Android comes from that it will automatically pause the currently playing video when you head to another screen or launch another app on your Android phone. But there are ways to overcome this restriction. Here is how to play YouTube in the background.

Free solution

The easiest and most effective way is using the FireFox or Chrome browser rather than the official YouTube app. These browsers allow you to continue to listen to your videos while the screen is off or you are doing something else on your device.

If you see the YouTube app opening automatically, simply tap on the three-dot menu at the top right, and check on the “Request desktop site” box.

YouTube Red

Another way you can play YouTube in the background is purchasing a YouTube Red subscription costing $9.99 per month. It comes with a feature called ‘Background Play’ that allows you to play in the background while you can still open different apps or turn the screen off.

There is a bonus of YouTube Red as it also removes YouTube ads and comes with a subscription to Google Play Music. So, if you have Google Play Music, you can get YouTube Red for free.

Use NewPipe App

Although NewPipe is a handy app, it is not currently available in the Play Store. Instead, you can use the alternative app store, called F-Droid. With F-Droid , you will find hundreds of open source apps. It also allows you to automatically update the installed apps.

To install F-Droid, you must allow the unknown sources for third party apps. To do this, you’ll need to go to Settings > Security.

  • Now, visit the F-Droid website on your browser and download the FDroid. apk. Once done, tap on it for the installation. If not, tap the download notification to start it.
  • After the installation, you can now open F-Droid immediately. Wait for a few minutes and F-Droid will download the currently available apps from its server. After that, type in NewPipe in the search box and the result will appear, tap the Install button to install NewPipe app.
  • In case you tap on Run, NewPipe will start up with a red search bar at the top. Enter the name of your favorite song or artist for searching.
  • Once you see the search results, tap the headphone icon at the top right corner to listen to the song in the background. If you feel the quality is not good enough, change the level on the left.

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Pop-up video apps

Another great option to play YouTube in the background is using Awesome Pop-up Video Pro. Although it doesn’t play YouTube in the background, it will play them in a small and movable pop-up window. You can download the app from Play Store.

But you should keep in mind that while this app allows you to play YouTube videos in the background, it does not let you play them with the screen off.

With this app, you’ll pay only a for the first time purchase instead of a monthly payment like YouTube Red. You won’t access to the great features of the monthly package deal, but it’s a cheap and convenient to play YouTube videos in the background of your device. There are also other pop-up video apps available in Play Store, such as Floating Tube with the same functions.

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