You are a fan of FIFA, there are now two ways that you can play this game early. You will have five days to experience the upcoming FIFA 2020 early with EA Access and Origin Access. The physical edition will be for you if you purchase it from Best Buy and pick it up in an authorized store one day before the release date of the game.

With this offer, you can play early FIFA 20 on September 19th through the First Trial and on September 24th, you can grab the physical copy at Best Buy for the edition of Champion on the 26th.

This guide will let you know about the new FIFA 20 features. You can also refer the best FIFA 201 deals to decide whether or not to pre-order FIFA 2020.

The FIFA 20 will be on sale at GameStopBest BuyAmazonMicrosoftSony, and even Origin.

FIFA 20: Release Date & Time


The early access release date of FIFA 20 will be available on September 19th, five days before the special edition is live. The game will be rolled out at around 1 PM Eastern or 4 PM Eastern.

How to Play FIFA 20 Early

If you cannot use EA Access or Origin Access, then you can choose to get the FIFA 20 copy at BestBuy. You can go to the BestBuy stores to get your copy until one day before the official release date. It’s September 24th for Champion version and September 26th for the standard version. However, if you opt for picking a preorder, you can get $10 with BestBuy Rewards. This is the only offer from BestBuy for these two editions. But you are unable to come in the morning or afternoon, instead, you need to come in before 9 PM based on your local time.

How to Get the FIFA 20 Trial

A way to get the FIFA 20 trial is opening your Xbox One or PS4, or Origin on your computer. Next, look for the Game Trials, and you can then start the download.

Another way is to navigate to the game store. If the trial is available, and you have already signed up, you will see the Try Now option available.

If you use Xbox One/PS4 or Windows computer, you will need the EA Access or the Origin Access. It’s the first year of EA Access appearing on the PS4. You can grab it for  $5.99 per month or $29.99 per year. You can also opt for a subscription on Amazon, through a PSN or Xbox Gift card.

FIFA 20 Trial Limitation

You will only have 10 hours of playtime for the Early Access trial due to its limitation. It’s a strict limit since you might need to close the game when you are done and the trial will continue to run in the background. If it runs out of time, you will be kicked out and have trouble with logging it back for the early access.

There is a small trick that is to create several accounts and purchase multiple EA Access memberships to play more than 10 hours, but it will take a lot of time and is not practical. You should only try FIFA 20 within 10 hours.

The  Early Access Trial will be the full version of FIFA 20. So any progress you created during the trial will be carried over to the official version a few days later. It means that you can still create your own team, but there will not be any FIFA 20 pre-order bonuses for you.