OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X: Comparison

OnePlus 6 has been officially unveiled at an event in London today. OnePlus has been an unknown Chinese OEM in the smartphone market but the company has made a name in the recent years by constantly launching some great smartphones.

With the new OnePlus 6, the company once again focuses on speed and design. So, how does the new OnePlus 6 compare to iPhone X? Let’s find it out in a quick comparison in this post.

Both devices are different from each other in many ways and it comes with its own shares of pros and cons.

What Sets OnePlus 6 Apart From iPhone X
  • Headphone Jack: The great thing is that the Chinese company decided to keep a headphone jack on its OnePlus 6, locating at the bottom. While on the iPhone, the headphone jack is no longer available. So, if you are a person who still keeps a traditional pair of wired earphones, you might prefer the accessibility.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Apart from the face unlock feature, OnePlus 6 also comes with a fingerprint scanner at the back. Although the face unlock on the device is claimed to unlock at 0.4 seconds, the fingerprint scanner is even faster just with 0.2 seconds.
  • Price: In terms of price, the OnePlus 6 just costs $529, while the pricing of iPhone X is $999. With the price gap existing between two devices, you can even purchase another OnePlus 6 just by spending a few more dollars.
  • Dual-SIM: The OnePlus 6 comes with dual-SIM connectivity that means you will be able to use two SIM cards s simultaneously on the phone. On the iPhone X, Apple only offers a single SIM variant.

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iPhone X: Where it Wins Over the OnePlus 6
  • Water Resistant: The iPhone X is equipped with an IP67 certification for water& dust resistance, while the OnePlus 6 lacks any IP certification. The device just comes with the 6 “daily water resistance,” which is claimed to survive in heavy rains without any issue.
  • Wireless Charging: Despite featuring a glass design, OnePlus 6 does not support wireless charging. But the iPhone X features fast wireless charging (7.5W). Although the wireless charging is not as fast as the wired charging, it is still more convenient.
  • Better Camera: The OnePlus 6 features a dual camera setup at the back: a 16MP f/1.7 lens + a 20MP /1.7 lens, with OIS and EIS. While OnePlus has improved the imaging department, it’s hard the device to beat the iPhone X in camera quality department.
  • Stereo speaker: The OnePlus 6 has a bottom firing speaker, it cannot compete with a stereo speaker on the iPhone X, where the bottom speaker is paired with a tweeter inside the top earpiece grill.
  • Better Build Quality: Both iPhone and OnePlus 6 comes with glass panels at the front and back, but the OnePlus 6 uses an aluminum chassis, the iPhone X features is equipped a more premium stainless steel chassis, which gives the iPhone X a better look and feel.

What do you think about the new OnePlus 6? Will you get one instead of purchasing the $999 iPhone X? Let’s know in the comment below.