New macOS Mojave: Featuring New Dark Mode, More Capable Finder, Desktop Stacks

At the WWDC 2018 event, Apple has officially shared some of the new features coming to Mac devices with the update. In the new Mojave update, macOS will receive a lot of new features such as a system-wide Dark Mode, a revamped app store, new native apps, and especially a new name. So, let’s have a look at the new features of macOS Mojave.

System-Wide Dark Mode

Besides status bar and Finder, the Dark Mode was introduced to most of the stock apps and noted third-party developers. If you want your Mac’s UI to change color with hours per day, you can easily enable the Dynamic Desktop which can automatically change the desktop image according to the time.

You can also be able to enable dark mode individually in apps, including Mail, Messages, Maps, Photos, etc. According to Apple, it will help users improve readability on the high contrast displays.

New Desktop and Finder Features

Another great new feature on macOS Mojave comes from with Stacks, which can be used for grouping files based on the file type. These stacks can also be modified when using date and tags.

Finder in MacOS 10.14 also gets a new Gallery View, which will show media files in bigger tiles. Quick Look has new options rather than just previewing media and it now gives you options to crop and rotate images, and even cut clips out of videos.

The Preview Pane shows up the complete metadata associated with an image, which is very helpful for those who are graphics creators, photographers, as well as digital creators.

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New App Store for Mac

In MacOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple has revamped the Mac App Store when the company emphasized the editorial selections. Apps now come with a utility under tabs like Create, Work, Play etc along with an improved Updates section.

There are also new apps including Microsoft Office 365 bundle and Adobe Lightroom CC in App Store on macOS Mojave. The new Discover tab will also share stories as well as editorial bytes related to new and most popular apps. It will replace the Featured tab on iOS platform as well.

Security and Other Additions

In terms of security, Safari on the new MacOS version will have the ability to block cookie-based tracking as well as social media plugins. There are also new features to prevent websites from collecting data relating to your fingerprint (those are using MacBook Pro), which is now encrypted.

The macOS Mojave also comes with a new Continuity Camera, letting users take pictures with their iPhone’s or iPad’s camera and then automatically share it to their Mac. Thanks to the Stacks option, the screenshots don’t pile on the desktop and you will get a new screen record shortcut, which is similar to a snapper tool.

Furthermore, apps like Apple News and Stocks will appear in macOS accompanying with the Home and new Voice Memos apps. Apple is also rumored to bring cross-platform functionality, which allows running iOS apps on Mac, but users can only take advantage of the feature next year.

Here are some highlighted features in iOS 12 beta 1 version. We’ll update more interesting ones in later posts. So stay tuned and keep updating.