Do I Really Need a Computer As a Blogger?

As a Blogger, did you really need a computer? Wait! Does that really matters? Relax and let see the stand of a computer in blogosphere.

As we all know Computer to be a great tool for blogging, as a blogger can you survive without this great tool?

The fact is that as a blogger you really need a computer but if you are a blogger and have no computer or you think since your computer is not available, you cannot publish an article, then you are missing it!

Is just disappointing how people jump into conclusion that without this tool called Computer, you cannot blog or even own a blog, though they might have their own reason for saying this but not having a computer as a person don’t disqualify you as a blogger.

I will be discussing on;

–  Reason why you need a computer as a blogger

–  Reason why you can be a blogger without a computer

–  How To Blog Successfully without a computer.


Do You Really Need a Computer As a Blogger

Reason why you need a computer as blogger

Computer is truly an indisputable tool for blogging, no doubt about it. With computer, blogging get easier not only its speed and easy navigation makes it useful, Computer serves a lot of usefulness when it comes to blogging ;

  • Better Browsing experience
  • Storage device for your blog vital documents/files.
  • With your computer browsers, you can see yourself your blog responsiveness on Desktop view.
  • Its useful when it comes to designing your blog.
  • As a tech blogger, it serves as your workshop.
  • Do the dirty job for you, like keyword searches, analytics and the likes.
  • With its size, you feel a lot comfortable with the navigation.
  • It Served as your blog office even though you have no room 😉


Reason why you can be a blogger without a computer

What if Computer does not even exist? Thank God smartphone is available in different range of price with enough affordable one out there, they are the smart device that can do many of the blogging task for you without a computer, without using a computer to blog though it has its obvious disadvantage Efficiency & Inconvenience, they are still some advantage attached to this which are ;

– Improve writing skills ; Using your native jotter and pen or pencil to firstly write down your blog post before typing it to your blog with your phone, it limit your writing error, mistakes and definitely improve your writing skills

– Time Conscious; Using a computer most especially when writing a blog post, in the process with the availability of data, you get a lot of distraction like chatting with friends on social networking site like Facebook and the likes, reading news and all sort of distraction might slow than your work and might even spend days on it because of distractions but typing to your phone from the already jotted article, the speed is amazing and before you know it, you are done.

– Saves Money ; We all know how using a computer drain data bundle but using smartphones, it saves a lot of our bundle, you wouldn’t have to stay online all through to type a blog articles, typing directly from already jotted article do the magic and saves your money. Another reason why it saves money is when you can’t avoid a computer/laptop either being an already used or brand new one, you can save the little you have.

How To Blog Successfully without a computer.

Did you know you can blog successfully without a computer? Though it might seems difficult but you can be a successful blogger without a computer.

This is how to blog without a computer;

All what you need are ; Smartphone, jotter, pen/pencil and that’s all!

I guess you already own a blog or are you just planning to do? You can create a blog on your mobile phone, what of design? yeah! You can contact an expert to do that for you or if you have the idea you can branch a café for computer access.

Moreover, To post a blog article without a computer ;

–  Get your jotter and pen.

–  Start writing your article

–  After you are done with the writing, cross check!

–  Now bring out your Smartphone phone and type in your blog post.

–  Feel bold enough to hit the publish button.

As we all know that’s not all about blogging, running the blog and promoting your blog articles is another thing entirely, I am confidence to tell you your smartphone will do this for you but might seems inconvenient. Starting with approving comments and replying them, checking and thrashing spam comments, and blog promotion like sharing it on social networking sites all can be done without a computer using your Smartphone, What else? Reading and commenting on other blogs, making research and the likes! Your smartphone is smart enough for the task.

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And the question still anticipating for replies, Do I Really Need a Computer As a Blogger?

How did you think blogging will be without a Computer? Are you using a computer or not for your blogging career? Am expecting your answer in the comment bellow!


  1. I understand you can blog with a smartphone. But with a computer will be much easier if you’ve already written down your post on a paper as you can type much faster and you can have a preview of your post before posting