The prevalent use of mobile devices has certainly changed the way people live these days. Mobile phones have become an extension of data storage for many where people use their Smartphones and PDAs for keeping important documents and files using mobile apps. Even confidential documents and financial records may be stored using various applications for mobile. Cyber attacks have become prevalent in order for criminals to gain access to these confidential and financial records. Because of the trend of downloading mobile apps on mobile devices, cyber criminals find the opportunity to use mobile apps to infect mobile devices with malware, spyware and viruses.


are mobile phone sources of cyber hazard


Is there adequate protection against cyber attack?

Because of the threats that are imposed by the use of unsafe mobile applications, mobile users should be mindful about verifying the credibility and safety of the mobile apps that they are using on their mobile devices. While the mobile app sources like the Google Play and the Apple Store exercise the diligence of sifting through the reliability and safety of the mobile developers’ applications that are made available in their store, the prudence of ensuring the safety of apps that are being downloaded on a mobile device still remains in the hands of the mobile owner.


Rob Smith of the Mobile Active Defense noted that mobile apps have become the most prevalent source of cyber attack. About 55 apps were removed by Google from its Android market just a few months ago after complaints were received from ten thousands of its Android market users that were infected with the DroidDream Trojan. While Apple is known for its more stringent regulations on the mobile apps on its Apple Store, there is no guarantee that all of their mobile apps are completely safe.

Protecting your mobile device against malicious mobile apps

Malicious apps have become an effective tool for cyber criminals to gain access to a mobile device. By downloading the app, the malware can take over and jailbreak the operating system of your mobile phone and obtains the ability to run in the background to keep track of your mobile activities and vital personal information. In order to protect your mobile device against malicious mobile apps, here are some tricks to keep your device protected.


  1. Download mobile apps from reliable sources ; This will ensure that you are downloading safe apps while giving them access to your mobile device. Directly downloading apps from the site of reliable providers will give you a better peace of mind that your mobile app comes from reputable sources.
  2. Verify the mobile apps sources ; If you are installing special mobile apps like spy software from netspysoftware, make sure to contact support and evaluate the company background of the mobile app provider. This will ensure that you understand their privacy rules and regulations. While spy software is legal, it cannot be used for prying on individual mobile user without their consent. Make sure that you understand the limitations involved when using a particular app and understand up to what extent the app provider has access to your mobile device and information.
  3. Paid applications are safer and more reliable ; Mobile app stores usually offer both free and paid applications. While you can enjoy free apps on your mobile, paid applications are better and safer because you are guaranteed that it comes from professional mobile app developers who value the reputation of their business. Paid applications likewise offer customer support that will help you troubleshoot the apps in case something goes wrong when using them.
  4. Use the mobile app permission feature ; Mobile apps, before they can access the information and other apps running on your device, will usually request permission from the mobile owner to access them. Make sure that you know how to restrict access to some data on your phone by the applications such as your address book and other sensitive information.
  5. Protect your mobile with an antivirus program ; The program can instantly block malicious software as you attempt to download it on your device or it will provide a prompt warning about the danger involved when you download a particular mobile app. Make sure that you use reliable antivirus clients because some malicious apps can bypass the security features of some antivirus apps with very poor security features.