Miracast Will Connect your Smartphone or PC to TV Without HDMI Cable

In a previous post i showed you how to connect your PC to HDTV using an HDMI cable but today we are moving to something else. This time, we will not be needing any HDMI cable. So what is Miracast?

Connect your Smartphone or PC to TV Without HDMI Cable

Miracast is a wireless display standard designed for mirroring a smartphone, tablet, or PC’s screen to a television without requiring any physical HDMI cables. It’s becoming more widespread with each passing day. Miracast functions exclusively as a “screen mirroring” protocol. So, if you wanted to start a Netflix video on your phone and play it via Miracast,
you’d have to leave your phone’s screen on the whole time. Everything on your phone’s screen would be mirrored on the TV. Because it’s all about screen mirroring and doesn’t have the “smarts” you see in protocols like air play and Chromecast, which can hand-off streaming to another device and display a different interface on one devices screen, Miracast can best be thought of like a wireless HDMI cable.


Computers running Windows 8.1 or newer windows version and phones running Windows Phone 8.1 can stream to Miracast devices. Android phones and tablets running Android 4.2 or newer can also stream to Miracast devices. Amazon’s Fire OS is built on top of Android, so it also supports Miracast. Linux PCs will require some sort of unsupported hack to do this, Chromebooks don’t have native Miracast support, and Apple’s Macs and iOS devices support air play and not this open standard. It’s basically Windows and Android only, for now. In theory, Miracast should become increasingly widespread, even being integrated into TVs themselves so you can easily wirelessly stream to them.


MIracast is nice in theory, but it’s also just a wireless HDMI cable. In many situations, you’re often just better off plugging in an HDMI cable rather than dealing with the potential connection problems and streaming glitches. A new generation of Miracast receivers and Miracast-capable operating systems could potentially solve these problems and turn MIracast into a standard that works well.