Finally!!! How To Mark Message As Unread On Whatsapp

And the much awaited feature Unread Message on Whatsapp is here! Whatsapp is no doubt one of the most popular free messenger, it allows you to chat with friends on your contact list, Whatsapp call, send videos, send pictures, group chat all for free. Recently, Whatsapp rolled out some update which include the Read receipt (that double blue mark) which indicate your message has been seen, but the question is this, is it really not a breach of privacy? If you are a type that gives much concern about privacy, the feature is a bit of concern, the good news is that you can turn this feature off but…

To turn off the read receipts, Open your Whatsapp Messenger, go to Settings > Account > Privacy, under privacy Uncheck read receipt as shown below.

Mark Message As Unread On Whatsapp1

Now you have turn off the read receipt features but, the but in this is that you wouldn’t be able to see other people read receipts again too except you turn it on again. Lately, another updates mark message as Unread on Whatsapp was introduced!

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How To Mark Message As Unread On Whatsapp

The mark message as unread feature is not yet included in the latest version of Whatsapp on Google Playstore for Android users or any other stores for the time being but you can download directly from the Company’s website, make sure you allow “install apps from third party” in your Android device settings to download it. It will alter nothing in your Whatsapp, not even chat history, it will only add the mark as unread feature to your Whatsapp.

So, to mark Whatsapp conversation as unread being a single chat or group chat, after downloading the updates, tap and hold on the conversation pane and you will see the feature option “mark as unread”.

Mark Message As Unread On Whatsapp

Whenever you marked a particular conversation on whatsapp as unread, it will be flagged with a green circle alongside the date it was sent. However, this features only allows you to see a message as unread maybe for a later reading, the moment you check this message the seen mark will be shown to the sender. I guess you can’t deceive the sender yet that his/her message has not been seen by you 🙂 !

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