How to Make Backup of your Android Data

Android smartphones are used commonly these days, very other person owns Android, therefore. People are concern about their data more than ever; therefore you can make a backup of your android data in just a few simple steps and keep your app, photo, and data safe. This will keep your data safe in case of theft, loss or smartphone issues.

Why is it important to make Android backup?

The Android devices are widely used and many people use it instead of desktop computers, laptops, and any other device. The smartphones are always in the hand of users. The android is one of the most used devices to do multiple tasks. As all the tasks are done by the Android device, therefore, people manage their daily schedule, emails, contact, pictures and all the social media activities through it. That is why it is important to make a backup of your android device.

How to Make Backup of your Android Data

Backup options for Android:

Following are the list of the backup you can make while using any android device and tension free from any data loss.

Google Restore and Backup:

Google provides a basic backup for the android users and secures most of your data and information. This helps you secure all the data when you enter your Google email address and save your games, apps, calendar, contacts, Gmail, photos, music, details of people you have as well as another setting. It allows you to access all the data when you log in with your Google ID from any other android device.


  • Go to settings,
  • Then go to your Google Account,
  • Select a particular Google account,
  • Now select those items which you want to sync.
  • Also, make sure that the Backup and Reset option is enabled.

These simple steps allow you to save data and secure it with the Google Account. As soon as you log in with your Google Account from any new android device it provides you all the backed up data which you ask to secure. This is very quick, safe and easy method to make backup of your data without downloading any other app or software.

Backup your Photos:

The other most important step is to secure your photos and make a backup of it. It not only allows you to access your photos from different android devices. The Google Photos app is one of the best ways to secure your photos and enables you to make a backup of your photos with your Google account, when you choose to make a backup of the photos this allows you to save up to 1000 GB photos in full resolution and unlimited amount of photos can be saved in low resolution. It has a very good search option which lets you search for the old photos by just searching in the search bar.


  • Install Google Photos on your android device from paly store for free
  • Log in with your Google ID
  • Open the app and go to the Backup settings
  • Now choose Backup Photos and Backup Videos

Now you can access to your photos from another android device by just logging in to your Google account and you will never lose a picture.

It automatically saves your picture and videos and let you access them anytime you want.


Another good to make a backup of your data is Dropbox application. A plus in this app is it can be installed in your android smartphones, tabs, desktop computers and laptops at the same time. So in case you are a single user who has all this options and sick of transferring your data in USB from one device to another Dropbox is just for you. Just install it on multiple devices from a single account and upload data in it. It will allow accessing the data from different devices whenever and wherever. It is also a very good app for sharing data with others and making a complete backup.


  • Install Dropbox from Google Paly Store and open it
  • Make is or password or just log in with your Google id
  • Now go to the settings and select Camera uploads
  • Select the options of what to upload and select the data you want it to make backup automatically.

You can access this data from not only different devices but from their website which allows you to access your data from an unknown location and device. It creates an automatic backup for your files, pictures, videos and business documents as well.

Messages and Call Log Backup:

It is very common to lose call details and messages which were saved in the previous phone and call log as well and it became very frustrating when you forget to save numbers to your contact list. There are now many apps available for this purpose one of the best one is SMS Backup and Restore. This app is very easy and simple, it allows you to backup all your text messages and entire call log to your cloud, Gmail or Dropbox whichever option you like most. You can allow it to make an automatic backup or do it manually.

All-In-One Backup:

This app is the best app when you want to create a backup for multiple things and want to access it whenever you like. It can cost you a bit of money but surely will provide you one stop solution to backup all your data.

Some other apps for backup are My Backup Pro to secure everything in your cloud, memory card or computer in just a few clicks. It automatically saves everything from your device and provides you whenever you need.

Manual Backup:

It is one of the oldest ways to make a backup of your data on your computer by simply copy-paste the files into the computer by attaching your android device with data cable with your computer or laptop. You can also click and drag to make backup files. Another good way to copy data from your memory chip into SD card or directly to the computer’s hard drive.

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