Unlike previous years, Samsung has already released two variants of Galaxy Note series, including Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus to compete with the upcoming iPhone 11 lineup. However, until the release of iPhone 11, the new Galaxy Note 10 will take on the existing iPhone 2018 series. The release of Galaxy Note 10+ takes on the Apple iPhone XS Max. If you wondering between iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, read on the comparison below.

The Galaxy Note 10+ is an upgraded version over the Galaxy Note 9 last year. Compared to the Galaxy S10 released earlier this year, the new phone has some great improvements. If you want a great phone for your work, the Galaxy Note 10+ will be the better choice over iPhone XS Max in some features. Continue to read on this post to choose which phone is better.

Battle Between iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 10+


The iPhone XS Max has the same design over the iPhone X, which just has a bigger screen. While iPhone XS Max cannot win any prize in terms of design, with the notch at the front. But, iPhone XS Max really has a premium build quality, thanks to the stainless- steel chassis.

The Galaxy Note 10 + will look bigger over the standard version, thanks to squarish edges. The Galaxy Note 10+ is equipped with Gorilla Glass 6 both at the front and rear, protected by an aluminum chassis, it feels more premium than the iPhone XS Max. The Note 10+ looks more seamless on the front since there is only a hole-punch camera put in the middle of the screen.

The newly Galaxy flagship also offers new colors, making the phone more attractive. Aside from that, the iPhone XS Max still remains the traditional colors like Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Both the Note 10+ and iPhone XS Max are certificated by IP68. But, the Note 10 model is equipped with an S-Pen, which is highly evaluated by many users. The S Pen in the new Galaxy Note 10+ comes with Air motion, allowing you to control the phone via motion gestures. Samsung has also added 6-axis gyroscope inside this stylus pen.


  • iPhone XS Max: A 6.5-inch True Tone OLED display, QuadHD+ resolution, 3D Touch, HDR10 Support, 3D Touch
  • Galaxy Note 10+: A 6.8-inch curved Infinity-O AMOLED display, QuadHD+ resolution, HDR10 Support

Both iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 10+ feature an AMOLED display. But, Samsung has equipped a newer AMOLED panel, so the Note 10+ has a higher brightness level over the iPhone XS Max. When the iPhone XS Max is released, it’s estimated as the best display. A few months later, Samsung equipped an upgraded Dynamic AMOLED panel on the Galaxy S10/S10 Plus. The new Galaxy Note 10+ now comes with a Dynamic AMOLED panel that is even much better than the S10/S10 Plus.


  • iPhone XS Max:  A12 Bionic chipset
  • Galaxy Note 10+: Snapdragon 855 Plus or Exynos 9825

Depending on the market, the Galaxy Note 10+ will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825 SoC. Snapdragon 855 is currently the most powerful chipset in the Android world, and the Galaxy Note 10+ is powered with an upgraded Snap 855 Plus. In fact, it’s just an overclocked version of the Snapdragon 855 SoC.

With the Exynos 9825 chipset, it’s a slightly upgraded version of Exynos 920 found on the Galaxy S10 lineup. This new chipset is manufactured on the 7nm EUV process, which is better than the 8nm Exynos 9820 SoC.

Though these are impressive, they cannot still be as powerful as the A12 Bionic chip on the iPhone XS Max. Apple chipsets are always the leader in terms of performance, which none of the chipsets for Android beat them, her is the A12 Bionic.


  • iPhone XS Max: A dual 12MP rear-camera system with f/1.8 and f/2.4 aperture, OIS for both snappers, Smart HDR, Portrait mode, Depth control
  • Galaxy Note 10: A Quad rear-camera system. The main one is 12MP shooter with variable f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture, OIS. The second one is a16MP ultra-wide-angle snapper with f2.2 aperture; a 12MP f/2.1 telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom, Auto HDR, Speed Dual Pixel, Live Focus that allows adjusting bokeh effect.

More cameras do not mean the quality is better. While the Galaxy Note 10+ owns up to a quad-camera system and the iPhone XS Max only features a dual-camera setup, both of the phones offer a great photo quality and there is no difference between two devices. The plus point of the Galaxy Note 10+ camera is in the versatility. Its 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera allows capturing moments with a different perspective.

In term of selfie camera, the Galaxy Note 10+ features an impressive 10MP f/2.2 snapper with Dual Pixel focus, while the iPhone XS Max just comes with a 7MP TrueDepth camera setup. However, the thing here is that the Note 10+ front camera takes very soft and mainly focus on selfies. The iPhone XS Max front-facing camera still bring the same functions, but it can do much more.

RAM & Storage

  • iPhone XS Max: 4GB RAM | 64GB, 256GB, 512GB internal storage options
  • Galaxy Note 10+: 12GB RAM | 256GB, 512GB with micro SD card slot

The Galaxy Note 10+ dominates the iPhone XS Max in terms of RAM memory. The Galaxy Note 10+ has 3x more RAM over the iPhone XS Max, making a Note 10+ become a beast in multitasking operation. The Note 10+ starts with 256GB storage option, while the XS Max is lower with 64GB of storage.

Unlike the Galaxy Note 10, the Note 10+ still remains the Micro SD card slot, allowing you to increase the storage space. If possible, Apple should increase the base storage space on the upcoming 2019 iPhone lineup, especially when the starting price tag is $1000.

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  • iPhone XS Max: Face ID
  • Galaxy Note 10+: In-display fingerprint reader, Face unlock

Apple has equipped a specialized TrueDepth camera system in its iPhone XS Max for the Face ID unlock. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 10+  will use the front-facing 10MP camera for 22D face unlock feature. Aside from that, it still has the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner. Although Samsung offers more solutions for security unlock, they are not still as secure as Face ID.


  • iPhone XS Max: A 3,174mAh battery, Fast charging, and 7.5W wireless charging
  • Galaxy Note 10+: 4,300mAh battery, 45W fast charging capacity, and 15W wireless charging

Since the display of the Galaxy Note 10+ is larger, so it’s no surprise when its battery is also bigger than the iPhone XS Max. A 4300mAh battery capacity can meet all the heavy tasks in a day without the need for charging.

If you use iPhone XS Max with heavy tasks, you might need to charge it a time in the afternoon to use it through the day.

Samsung has equipped for the Note 10+ a 45W fast charging support. So, even if you are in a hurry, you just need to charge your phone for 5 minutes and you can use it for half of the day. While Samsung just offers a 25W charger inside the box of the Note 10+, it’s still much faster than the 5W charger of the iPhone XS Max. to charger fully iPhone XS Max with a 5W charger, it needs about 3 hours and 20 minutes to charge from 0-100%, which is very inconvenient in some cases.

Both the Note 10+ and iPhone XS Max support wireless charging, but the Galaxy Note 10+ is better with 15W wireless charging. While the iPhone XS Max just stops at 7.5W.


We know you are still waiting for the price here. The starting price of these phones is at $1,099. However, if you make a pre-order of the Note 10+ right now, you can get attractive offers from Samsung or carriers.

What do you think about the new Galaxy Note 10+? Which one will be your choice? Let’s know in the comment below.