iPhone XR Stuck on black screen? How to Fix it

When a high-end smartphone like iPhone XR gets stuck on the black screen, you can think that the problem is related to firmware. The common symptoms could be frequent lags apps crashing, and especially unresponsive displays. If you are facing any of these problems on your phone, there are high chances you are encountering more complex system errors.

Highlighted in this post a pertinent problem on the iPhone XR. Read on this post to know the reason causes your iPhone to suddenly get stuck on the black screen and how you should do to fix the problem.

How to troubleshoot an iPhone XR with a black screen

If you’re willing to spend time on your iPhone, you should start troubleshooting your iPhone XR with these subsequent procedures. However, keep in mind that there’s not any guaranteed solution yet. That said, it will be a heuristic process.

Solution 1: Forced restart your iPhone

The symptom is likely due to random app crashes, which could trigger your phone to get stuck on the black screen. If it’s the case, you should perform a forced restart on your iPhone to solve the problem. To get it done:

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Do the same with the Volume Down button.
  • Finally, press & hold the Power button and then release it when your phone restarts.

A forced restart will kill rogue apps and services triggering your iPhone to get stuck. This method also clears out junk files like corrupted temporary data stored in your device memory. After that, check if it could solve the problem. Otherwise, move on to other methods.

Solution 2: Factory reset your iPhone XR through iTunes

If your iPhone still gets stuck on a black screen after trying a forced restart, the problem might be more complex, which requires an advanced solution. In this case, you should perform a full system reset to factory reset your iPhone. It will wipe everything from your iPhone system including corrupted data and bugs that caused serious software issues. Since your iPhone XR screen is unresponsive, performing a factory reset directly from your phone settings isn’t possible. This is where iTunes plays an important part. To proceed, prepare a computer with the latest version of iTunes software installed. Follow these steps below to restore your iPhone XR to its default settings:

  1. Plug your iPhone into the computer using the Apple-supplied USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes software on your computer.
  3. If it’s the first time you connect your phone to the computer, you will be prompted to enter a passcode or Trust This Computer. Simply follow the onscreen prompts to proceed.
  4. Once your iPhone appears in iTunes, just click on it
  5. Move on to Summary panel from iTunes main screen.
  6. Click on Restore [iPhone] button.
  7. When prompted, click on Restore to confirm your action. It will trigger iTunes to start erasing your iPhone and installing the latest iOS version.

Wait until it restores factory settings. You can then proceed to complete the initial setup process and then set up your iPhone XR as new.

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Third solution: Restore your iPhone XR through recovery mode.

After trying a factory reset, software problems could be fixed. If it did not occur with your iPhone XR, you need a further solution. There is a chance that your device system has been corrupted due to bugs. To solve culprits, you should perform a recovery mode restore using iTunes. Your phone will be booted into a recovery state to repair system errors. Before proceeding, connect your iPhone XR to the computer using Lightning cable. Once is connected, follow these steps below to enter recovery mode and start an iOS restore process:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Then do the same with the Volume Down button.
  3. Press firmly the Power button until the Connect to iTunes screen shows up, which indicates that your iPhone has already entered recovery mode.
  4. When you are prompted with Update or Restore option, click on Update to restore your phone without deleting files. iTunes will now start downloading the latest version for your iPhone. If you choose to restore from a previous iOS backup, then simply click on Restore.

The process will take about 15 minutes to complete restoring. If it’s more than 15 minutes and the restore process isn’t yet completed, your iPhone will then exit recovery mode. Should that happens, you need to wait for iTunes to finish downloading the firmware. After that, repeat the prior steps to bring your phone into the recovery state and continue with a system restore.

You can unplug your iPhone XR from the computer once the restore process is complete. The, follow the onscreen instructions to carry out the process.

Fourth solution: Restore your iPhone via DFU mode.

The deepest kind of system restore as the last resort you can try if a recovery mode restore could not solve the problem is a DFU mode restore. It will boot your iPhone in a DFU state, allowing it to communicate with iTunes without turning on your device. When your phone entered DFU mode, you can repair the flawed system. Again, plug your iPhone into the computer with the USB/Lightning cable. Once connected, follow these steps below to enter DFU mode to repair your iPhone in iTunes:

  1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button
  2. Do the same with the Volume Down button.
  3. Press the Power button until the screen completely goes black.
  4. Now, continue to press and hold the Volume Down button while you still keep holding the  Power button.
  5. After 7 seconds, release the  Power button but still holding the Volume Down button until your iPhone XR shows up in iTunes software.
  6. You can now release the Volume button since your iPhone is already in a DFU state, which is ready for an ultimate system repair.

Wait for the entire process to complete. After that, unplug your cable from your phone and you will see that the black screen no longer appears.