iPhone Or Android: Which One Is Better?

Android and iPhone are the trending smartphone in the market today though there are other close competitors like the Windows Phone and BlackBerry, But most people end up choosing between Apple’s iOS phones most especially the iphone, and Android based smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, Techno,  HTC, LG and the likes.

The question is Which one is better? Android or iPhone?

iPhone Or Android ?

iPhone Or Android : Which One Is Better ?

* Android ; Are smartphone based on Google’s Android OS with many popular manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Techno producing smartphone with the Operating system.  Is user friendly, so flexible and customizable.

* iPhone ; Is much of complex smartphone than Android, Is based on Apple’s iOS platform, it has improved multitasking and a new Control Center for quickly changing settings and also with  best selection of high-quality apps and games in their store.

I don’t think am in a right position to choose between to phones but I believe you can only answer this after checking out their features. The answer depends on what you need it for and this is based on your choice.


Lets see what they offer and lacks

=> Apps ; Android Google’s Play store has over one million apps available, they offers more apps than Apple’s App Store simply because Android is an open source, its software is open for developers to generate apps. But Apple is still leading in terms of quality,most app developers and companies choose to publish the iOS version of their apps first in Apple’s Store before looking at Android Play’s Store. There is a big difference in Quality and Quantity, i Think Android is leading in terms of quantity but face a security problem with many malicious apps but iPhone has the best Quality of Apps.

=> Size ; Most of  Android smartphones have screens of between 4.5 inch and 5inch, Also their tablet device have screen size of 5+ inch range like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 5.7inch. While Apple smartphone which most are of 4inch are relatively small compared to Android smartphones. So, if you’re looking for large screens smartphones, Android is a choice !

=> Gaming ; In terms of games, iPhone really beat Android with variety of games available for the Os but  Flash is also a factor, Apple denies access to apps with flash but Android allow this.

=> Battery Life ; This factor vary dues to variety of hardware used in Android phones, Android and battery life don’t last too much longer, don’t panic , that’s Smartphone for you. Using a smartphone, you need to know some smart tips .

=> Software ; Apple runs its software on its own hardware, the iOS runs smoothly on iPhone since its bug free because the software is controlled by Apple, you can only install apps which Apple approves and it’s also difficult to put music and video to your iPhone because Apple makes everything possible through iTunes.  Android is still behind in term of software, with multiple crashes and bugs in it.

=> Hardware ; Since Google offers its Android software to many phone makers like Samsung, HTC, LG and others, Android phones vary in size, weight, features, user experience, and quality. But Apple is the only company produce  iPhones and have control over how the software and hardware work together, iPhone also vary because it has difference model also. The fact is that they both have issues with their hardware.

=> Multitasking ; Android is good in terms of multitasking though the latest iOS 7 now come with an improved multitasking features to the old version.

Both Android and iPhone have their merits and what they lacks, so it is difficult to recommend either iPhone or Android ,it all depends on what you need the phone for and what your choice is.


Which one did you think is the best ? Pls drop your thought about this in the comment box bellow.

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  1. I’ve used a symbian, java, android and windows phone. I’ve never used an iPhone. I think a windows phone is much better than Android an iPhone.
    I just like my experience with a Windows Mobile.