iPhone 8 Rumored Specifications and New Features

Rumors of iPhone 8 are heating up the environment. It is soon to come up with various fantastic features. And soon the date of release, its price, and other incredible features will be boom up the environment. We are just a year away from the launch of iPhone 8, but the bundle of rumors is hitting at the impressive features coming with the New Year, the year of iPhone.


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iPhone 8 Rumored Specifications and New Features

Apple is rumored to test more than ten prototype iPhone models. Although we are not clear about what we are going to receive in the New Year as there are so many test devices into the play. Also, the rumors are conflicting continuously.


Rumors are spread regarding radical redesign with an edge to edge display with top and bottom bezels along with Touch ID fingerprint sensors and front facing camera. It is also rumored that touch ID sensor and the camera will be built directly into the display. New iPhone 8 will not be provided with any home button. Jony Ive had decided to introduce an iPhone that looks like a single glass sheet for several years along with the wireless charging and here it is!

Along with the edge to edge design, the display will take up the entire front of the Apple iPhone. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone8 will be larger than 5.5 inches. The display is rumored to be made out of flexible plastic OLED rather than an LCD. This OLED plastic allows iPhone to introduce a thin device that consumes less power and offers better display along with high contrast ratio and true to life colors.

It is rumored to feature edges like Samsung Galaxy S7, but we are not sure at this point whether the display will have curved edges or will the edges response to touch gestures.

The rumors suggest that the new Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a glass body similar to iPhone 4, instead of the aluminum body. And the glass will be built around aluminum or stainless steel frame.

The new iPhone 8 is rumored to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip that will be faster as well as efficient. Also, rumors suggest it can also have features like biometric additions like iris or facial scanning, long-range wireless charging along with a dual-lens camera; both lenses are expected to feature optical image stabilization.

It is also in the air that Apple is planning to position the OLED iPhone 8 as a Premium model with a standard flat display 4.7, 5, and 5.5-inch iPhone models, but we are not clear about the sizes, configurations, and material.

Rumors are in the air about iPhone 8 that it will be having a total of three glass-bodied devices, one of which will be equipped with an OLED display, another rumor suggests that Apple will introduce 5.5 and 4.7-inch phones with an aluminum body.

The iPhone 8 is still under development and will be launch in the New Year, and in the months ahead of its inception; we’ll undoubtedly learn more about the specs of the device.


The new iPhone 8 has TSMC design with an A11 chip built on a 10-nanometer process. Rumors suggest that certification for the 10-nanometer process is expected to be achieved in late 2016, with the first 10-nanometer chip for validation during the first quarter of 2017. An A11 chip is a faster and more energy efficient, along with small size.

Wireless Charging:

Rumors have suggested that Apple is working on long-range wireless charging technology that could be implemented in iPhones, making it an ideal addition to the iPhone 8. Apple will have to face some obstacles to overcome before such technology can be applied, such as the loss of power transfer efficiency. This will result in batteries far away from a charging source to charge more slowly.

Apple will soon be hiring expert engineers in the field of wireless charging in coming months; it is also rumored that wireless charging feature could be in process. Apple having eliminated the headphone jack in the 2016 iPhone 7, leaving the Lightning port to serve multiple functions, and wireless charging is the next step for the 2017 iPhone.

Apple is rumored to seek a supplier for wireless charging chips, and also the wireless charging functionality could potentially be enabled through the use of a case or other iPhone accessory.

It is also in air that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that all new iPhones are likely to support wireless charging next year, including all the models. Rumors also suggested that Apple could be working with a partner, possibly Energous, a company that’s developed long-range wireless charging solutions.

Other Features

Rumors indicate that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often predicts Apple’s plans, suggested that the new iPhone 8 could include more advanced biometric specifications such as iris scanning and facial recognition. Kuo has not elaborated on what additional biometric features would be used. Reports have also suggested that Apple is working on an iris scanning feature, but one rumor says that it won’t be ready until 2018, so there is still some uncertainty as to whether we’ll see iris scanning in 2017 or 2018.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to include NAND flash memory from Samsung, but it is not yet clear about what improvements it might bring.

Date of release:

Finally, Apple has released its iPhone updates in September, so we expect to see the iPhone 8 in September of 2017.


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