iOS 8 – What’s New ?

iOS 8 is here ! Something special about Apple is that whenever they release a new phone, it comes along with an improved OS.  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus comes with the new iOS 8 succeeding its predecessor iOS 7 as the latest iOS. We all love to operate our phone in the latest OS because of one reason or the other but isn’t it necessary to understand what the new iOS 8 have to offer ? now that iOS 8 updates is available on  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

iOS 8 - What's new ?

iOS 8 – What’s New ?

Is Like iOS 7 but better ! Check the features out !

Hey, Siri! – In the new iOS 8  Siri now responds to your voice hands-free. As long as your device is charging at the time.

Messages – The new Messages app incorporates many features previously only found on chat apps such as Whatsapp and Viber.

Interactive notifications – In iOS 8, you can now respond to texts without leaving the lock screen or switching apps.

Safari – New features added! though Safari gets only a few upgrades in iOS 8. However, what’s been added is significant.

Battery diagnostics – You can now find out exactly what’s hogging your battery life with iOS’s new battery-usage features.

Custom keyboards – Now you can finally use custom keyboards if you are not satisfied with the default iOS keyboard.

Quicktype – Apple’s new stock keyboard for iOS 8.

Spotlight – The new spotlight search get an updates in iOS 8 to find more results.

Camera tips – iOS 8 brings a few new features to the camera section.

Widgets – Finally! in iOS 8, widgets on your iDevice.

Extensions – From widgets to custom keyboards, extensions allow developers to build apps and services with more harmony than before.

Handoff – The new Handoff features lets you switch between iDevices without losing your work and answer phone calls on your iPad.

Name that tune – You can now use Siri to identify a song you don’t know without downloading any other app.

Find your iPhone – With the new iOS 8, Find My iPhone has a new trick where your iPhone can now send out one final message before it dies.

Family sharing – With iOS 8 you can share purchases between family members without sharing Apple IDs and passwords.

Health – You can monitor your physical activity, enter body measurements, and even create an emergency medical ID With iOS 8’s new Health app.

Mail – New features like new gestures and thread alert are added to Mail in iOS 8.

Fonts – Unlike in iOS 7 ,It’s much easier to find font setting in iOS 8.

Voice dictation – iOS 8 allows you to complete your message before hitting the ‘Done’ button.

Share sheets – iOS 8 has improved sharing capabilities.

Location privacy – A new setting lets you restrict an app’s access to your location.