How to Install Kodi on iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Phones and iPad are great devices for entertainment, but you might not know that they can even be better with Kodi, a free media player software app for playing videos, listening to music, playing games, and more. The question here is how to install Kodi on the iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.


In this post., I will explain to you why you should go the extra mile to install Kodi without jailbreak, most importantly, will tell you how to install Kodi on your iPhone/iPad with a few free resources.

What Is Kodi?

Kodi was first released in 2002 in the form of an Xbox Media Player. One year later, this free, and open source media player for the Xbox got a new name as Xbox Media Center, or XBMC for short.

The software has proved its success when it was quickly ported to other platforms, like Windows and Mac OS X. Until now, it has become the most popular media center worldwide.

To prove this reality, the developers have released an announcement in August 2014, stating that XBMC would change its name to Kodi through the release of version 14.

It’s much easier to describe what Kodi can do than naming all of its features. All popular music file formats can be played easily, it even comes with a cue sheet and tagging support, even smart playlists for effortless music management.

Kodi can play all popular and rare video file formats, and you can also use it to import full posters, disc-art, actor information, video extras, and more.

In addition, Kodi can even analyze your TV show library and automatically arrange everything through episodes and seasons. Pictures and interactive slideshows are also a piêc of cake for Kodi, and online video streaming is available as well.

Aside from these core features, Kodi offers a vast selection of community add-ons, and all of them are available in the primary add-on repository.

If you like it, you can also change the interface of Kodi, thanks to a customizable skinning engine. You can use its JSON-RPC or hundreds of remote controls to remotely control Kodi. Kodi is simply an astonishing media playback app.

Another great thing is that Kodi allows you to watch different TV shows and movies using add-ons that are installed into your Kodi app.

Take notes for unofficial Kodi installers

Recently, there have been two common methods to install Kodi on iOS devices. The first one requires users to jailbreak their phone and the other one, usually known as the one-click Kodi installation method, requires downloading a modified version of the app from an insecure site.

Although it cannot be denied that jailbreaking has been available for ages and many iOS users have successfully jailbroken their iPhone/iPad without any bad side-effects, Apple is still working hard to completely get rid of the jailbreak by releasing newer iOS versions. If your iDevices starts acting up, Apple might refuse to help you, leaving you with an expensive brick.

Jailbreaking your iPhone also voids your iPhone/iPad warranty, leaving you high when something occurring that you need a fix.

The problem with the one-click installation method comes from the source. Instead of downloading the official Kodi version and installing it, you need to install a modified version, which may contain malware. In the are of ransomware and extortion attacks, it’s crazy to put yourself in such high risk.

How to Install Kodi on iPhone/ iPad without Jailbreak

Thanks to DanTheMan827 when he successfully created a great method, making it possible to bundle all Kodi features in into an .ipa file that can be installed on an iOS device, which was explained on the official website of the iOS App Signer application.

To use iOS App Signer, you need to meet some things: a Mac running Mac OS X 10.9 or later, Xcode, and a cable for the connection. If you are using an iOS device, you might probably have a lightning cable lying around, and Xcode can be downloaded for free on Mac App Store.

You can find the instruction, provided by DanTheMan827 on the official forum of Kodi. While it’s quite lengthy, you can follow them without any problems, thanks to the screenshots.

However, after visiting DanTheMan827’s forum threat, you should read the FAQ section, and follow the instruction step-by-step. After reading it, and you have installed Kodi on your iOS device, you can then turn it into a multimedia device.

Wrapping Up

Installing Kodi without non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad isn’t easy, and you don’t necessarily get all of the Kodi features that you would get with a jailbreak. It’s also way more complicated to install the program without jailbreaking your iPhone.