Reasons You Should Install iPadOS 13 Beta

Apple has officially introduced a new upgrade for iPad models during the WWDC, aside from iOS 13. Apple’s tablets, iPad devices, will now run on iPadOS operating system that’s tailor-made for only tablets. It’s similar to iOS 13 version but includes some exclusive features that are only for iPad.

The beta version of iPadOS 13 is available right now through Apple’s developer program. The program is for the membership fee, meaning most iPad users should wait for the public iPadOS 13 beta version released in the next month. However, Apple does not say the specific date. You can try to update your iPad to iPadOS 13right now to experience the new Dark Mode, see performance enhancements, as well as upgrade to several first-party apps.

If you are eager with trying the iPadOS beta, there are the best reasons that you should give it a shot for the iPad model you’re currently using.

Reasons To Install iPadOS 13 Beta

Install iPadOS 13 to Help Apple

If installing the iPadOS 13 beta will help Apple improve the software before the official release to millions of iPad users this September. If you’re tired of bugs or you feel annoyed with hearing complaints from friends, or family members, you should think about the beta version.

Once you install the beta, you should report whatever you see to Apple by commenting on Apple’s bug reporting tools. By this way, the engineers will work on a fix ahead of the official release this fall.  Your testing will help Apple squash annoying bugs or performance issues.

Install iPadOS Beta If You Are Encountering iOS 12 Problems

If your iPad is dealing with problems in iOS 12, you should give the iPadOS 13 beta a try.  While the beta still persists issues, there might be a chance it can improve the performance of your device.

Apple’s betas have been famous for ironing out common issues like UI lag, fast battery drain, connectivity issues, or random reboots. If you are experiencing a hard time on iOS 12 version, iPadOS 13 beta is worth trying.

If you don’t see a significant improvement, you can return to iOS 12 anytime you want.

Install iPadOS To Try Dark Mode

There is a range of new features added in the first iPadOS 13 beta, but here is the one that might have caught your eye the most in the launch event. Both iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 version will come with a new dark mode to iPhones and iPads devices that is similar to the dark mode on MacBook computers.

If you don’t know, Dark Mode is a dark color scheme, working across the iPadOS platform that supports stock apps, and give you a better viewing experience, particularly when you use your iPad in a low light environment. In a nutshell, the content on your tablet’s screen will be a little easier on the eyes.

Install iPadOS 13 Beta For New Volume HUD

Although it’s small, this is a useful change, which can convince you to install the iPadOS 13 beta today. iPadOS 13 update has an all-new, a redesigned volume HUD that is much better than the experience on iOS 12 version. The volume HUD is ugly and intrusive in iOS. You can get in the way of content and gaming experience and it has not been overhauled for many years.

Once your iPad is updated to iPadOS 13, the volume control will show up in the upper‑left corner and it will no longer block the content on your screen. You can see it in the screenshot in the iOS 13 beta right here.

Install iPadOS 13 Beta to Try QuickPath

Another great addition to iPadOS 13 version is a swipe-based keyboard that is called QuickPath.  It is an Apple answer to third-party keyboards, allowing users to swipe through the letters of a word by enabling one-handed typing fastly.

It will need some times to get used to if you have never used a swipe-based keyboard before, but after you get the hang of it you might never come back to the default keyboard.

If you feel it difficult in typing with one hand on the keyboard of your iPad or you think swiping will improve the speed and accuracy, think about updating your iPad to iPadOS 13 beta.

Install iPadOS 13 for Performance Enhancements

Apple’s promised to improve the performance in iPadOS 13 and you will see a significant improvement on your iPad even when it’s just the first beta.

According to Apple, the downloads are 50% smaller, Face ID will be 30% faster, updates are 60% smaller, and app launch are twice times faster over iOS 12.

If your iPad is struggling in any of these areas, you should consider giving the beta a whirl and you might see some big changes.

Install iPadOS 13 Beta If You Are An IT

If you are an IT person, you should install the iPadOS 13 beta to have a test for apps and services. Issues are common after Apple releases a new iPad version. If you’re an IT professional that supports end users, you should install the iPadOS 13 beta on your iPad to have the testing period.

Having a beta test will help you prepare better for support calls from clients who will update their devices to the official version in September.


These are reasons you should consider to upgrade to iPadOS 13 beta version for your iPad. In case you want to downgrade to iOS 12 version, you can easily do it by using iTunes software.