Recently, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom announced a new features in instagram. Instagram Direct ; a new way to send photo and video messages to friends.
Instagram, a social network with a broadcast structure unlike connections based social networks, for example Facebook and others, If am not mistaken, it was on June when Instagram introduced 15secs Video sharing features, now is another new feature Instagram Direct, Unlike before which users can only like or comment on pictures, now with the introduction of Instagram Direct, users can now send direct messages to people they follow or from people that follow them, which can include photos or videos ( This is the Photo and Video sharing features ).

How Instagram Direct Works ;

Right where you use to see photos of people you followed , you will see two taps at the top instead of the only one you use to see before, see the shot bellow, you will see the new tab ( pointed to with the red arrow )

instagram introduce instagram direct

Clicking on it, you will something like the shot bellow, then you can continue with uploading of your photo or video by clicking on the add sign at the to.


instagram introduce instagram direct


you can choose someone out of following list and send your private message… Another amazing thing about this is that, once the person you send the message opens up the photo their profile picture within the message gets a check
mark which shows that it’s been read.

More also, Users can like the direct photo messages and continue the chatting, not only that, users can send Direct messages up to 15 different people in their following list and also chat privately with one or a group of people.

In addition, for privacy purpose you can block certain users.

Whenever you receive a photo, you’ll see a little inbox icon on the top right corner of the app, which will send you directly to your new messages.

Note ; If you don’t follow someone, and they sent you a direct message, it will show you a “pending request” rather than a received message in your inbox. When you accept, that person can henceforth send you direct messages that will land in your inbox.

Note ; You need to update your Instagram to have access to this new features, version 5.0 is available for iOS and Android users and also Instagram for Windows Phone is in beta version to download.

Photo and Video Messaging adds a new layer of engagement to the app, What did you think of the new Instagram Direct features ??

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  1. Instagram is such a nice social network though i didn’t like it in the first place untill i try it out, but with the new features , it become more interesting.

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