Even when you have updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 13 version, it does not mean your iPhone does not have any problem. The settings you made on your phone would affect the overall performance of your device. If tweaks are wrong, your iPhone’s battery will surely drain fast! Many users after updating iOS 13 version have complained about the fast battery drain on your phone. However, just with a few tweaks in settings, they can help you improve the battery life of your iPhone running iOS 13.

There are some tweaks you can try to fix the battery draining issue in iOS 13. Below are helpful tips to effectively improve your phone battery life in iOS 13 version.

Tips to Improve Battery Life in iOS 13

Here are some tweaks to fix fast battery drain due to unexpected issues. Before proceeding these tips, you should check what is consuming your iPhone battery.

Simply head to Settings → Battery, tap on last 24 hours or last 7 days to check your consumed power. Once you check the apps that are eating much batter, you should force quit them. Let’s take a look at some tips below.

Solution 1: Force Quit Your Apps

How many apps per day are you using on your iPhone? That’s why your iPhone battery drains so fast. To force quit an app on your iPhone with Home button, just double press the Home button and swipe up on the app preview to close it.

If you’re using iPhone X, or later models, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause it in the middle. Next, swipe up on the app card preview to close it.

Solution 2: Use Dark Mode

Dark mode is helpful in many ways, as it can save your iPhone battery life over the light mode. To enable dark mode on your iPhone running iOS 13, go to Settings, tap on Display & Brightness option and activate Dark Mode.

Customizing the dark mode on your iPhone will give you a better result.

Solution 3:  Enable Low Power Mode

It’s better to keep your iPhone in power mode to prevent your notifications and apps from running in the background of your phone. Furthermore, there are also other features disabled when you turn on low power mode. Thus, you will save up a lot of battery power.

To enable Low Power Mode on your phone, go to Settings → Battery and enable Low Power Mode option.

Solution 4: Disable Raise to Wake

Although Raise to Wake is a handy option to show up notifications on your iPhone lock screen, it can eat up a large amount of battery every time you pick up your phone.

To disable the option, head over to Settings → Display & Brightness and then disable Raise to Wake option.

Solution 5: Toggle off WiFi and Bluetooth

If you turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth through Control Center, they are not turned off completely, and they are still running in the background. Make sure to completely turn off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options on your iPhone

To disable Wi-Fi, head to Settings > Wi-Fi and disable it. To toggle off Bluetooth, go to Settings → Bluetooth and turn it off. On the next time, open Settings app to completely disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to improve your iPhone battery life.

Solution 6: Allow Notifications from Selected Apps

App notifications will be annoying when you are at your work or you are sleeping! Although some app notifications are important to you, there are still other app notifications that are useless!

To disable app notification to improve battery life on your iPhone running on iOS 13, just head to Settings > Notifications, select a particular app, disable Allow Notifications option from preferred apps.

If you don’t want any app notifications, just go to Settings → Notifications → Show Previews and choose Never option. If you see Always or When Using option is selected by default, tick on other options.

Solution 7: Disable Automatic Downloads and Updates

When downloading an app on your iPhone, you do not need to download on other iOS devices that are connected to the same iCloud account. Once the app is downloaded on your iPhone, other devices signed in with the same iCloud will automatically download that app and update when there is one available.

While it’s an interesting feature, this option will east up your battery during the process. Thus, you should turn this feature off to improve the battery life in your iPhone.

To disable automatic downloads and updates, in Setting apps, tap on iTunes & App Store and toggle off Automatic Downloads option.

Solution 8: Turn off Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is one of the main causes that is consuming much battery power on your iPhone. So, your iPhone battery will drain quickly! Although this feature helps your apps run smoothly, it will eat up a lot of battery on your iPhone running iOS 13.

But, if you have already enabled the Low Power Mode option, background app refresh feature will be automatically toggled off. If you have not, here is how to do so.

Open Settings and tap on General → Background App Refresh. Choose Background App Refresh again and turn it off to completely disable it.

Solution 9: Adjust Display & Brightness

There are many ways you can do to adjust the Display & Brightness section in Settings. Aside from Raise to Wake option mentioned in #solution 4,  you should also make sure that the brightness on your iPhone is not maximum. Furthermore, remain the Auto-Lock option in just 1 minute if possible.

If you want to change all these settings, just go to the Settings app and then tap on Display & Brightness section. Adjust to your preferred brightness, and do not let it brighten all the time.

Once you disable Raise to Wake option on your iPhone, simply choose Auto-Lock and set it at 30 seconds to improve your battery. Doing this can help you save up to 20% of your battery.

Solution 10: Disable Location Services

Another much-consuming feature on your iPhone is location services. You should disable it when you are not using it.

Some apps on your iPhone might ask for access to the location when opening the app. But when you close the app, you might forget to turn the location off. And you will need to plug your phone into the adapter just after a half of a day. It is inconvenient when you are traveling and using the Maps app since you will have to utilize the location services.

To disable location services on your iPhone, just head to Settings→ PrivacyLocation Services and turn it off.

If the location is turned off, you can allow apps to only your location services when they are opening. This can help you save an accountable amount of battery power. Turning off location services absolutely improves your iPhone battery life running iOS 13.

Solution 11: Disable Your Widgets

This feature does not eat up too much battery of your iPhone, but you should still have a check on widgets too. From the Home screen, just swipe right to view the recent widgets you are using it. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Edit. 

Remove the widgets that you are not using by tapping on the red icon on the left of a widget. While you might not cause a huge impact, it still consumes the battery life of your iPhone.

Solution 12: Check Out Your Apps

To check the apps that are consuming your battery the most, just go to Settings and then tap on the Battery section. Scroll down to the bottom and check which apps are consuming more power than it should be.

If your non-used apps also eat up your battery power, you should uninstall them. After that, check if the battery life has been improved. Next, try to uninstall the rest of unused apps on your iPhone.

Solution 13: Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

If none of the mentioned tips above helped you, it’s time to perform a reset your iPhone settings so that it could get back to the normal state.

To reset all settings on iOS 13, just go to Settings > General > Reset and select Reset All Settings option. When you are prompted with a confirmation, tap on it to proceed. You no need to back up your data the process will not erase it on your phone, it just resets all your customized settings to the default values.

If you cannot still fix iOS 13 battery life issues on your iPhone, the last resort is to downgrade to iOS 12 version and wait for the official release of iOS 13. There are still many bugs in iOS 13 beta version, which can kill your device battery. So, you should downgrade to lower iOS version using iTunes and wait for the official update.