iPhone 7 Plus second camera – How it works and How to use it

There are some differences in the iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7, apart from size, the camera is another obvious difference. The 7 Plus has two 12MP cameras that comes to action when you capture a photo, just to produce a single shot.

Fortunately enough, that is not all Apple intended for the second camera to do.

How iPhone 7 Plus Second Camera works

iPhone 7 plus second camera

Its two cameras come with different lenses. One is a 28mm f1.8 wide angle lens and the other is a 56mm f2.8 lens, which Apple regards to as telephoto.

What does the 56mm f2.8 lens camera do? It simply allow you to zoom in on your subject without downgrading the quality, just like how digital zoom works.

How to use iPhone 7 plus second camera

Now you know what the second camera is capable of doing, So how do you use the second camera on your iPhone 7 Plus? Perhaps, you could have activated the second camera unknowingly when stuffing around in the camera app.

To activate the camera with the 56mm f2.8 “telephoto” lens,

  • Goto Camera
  • Then tap the circle icon above the on-screen shutter button (1x). It will then show change to (2x)
  • This mean you are now shooting at 56mm.

Zooming further doesn’t affect your ability to use digital zoom like before. To zoom beyond the 2x, you can pinch within the viewfinder to zoom in or out. Or simply Place your finger over the 1x logo and slide left or right to adjust the zoom level.

But have it in mind that zooming past 2x will degrade the quality of the photo as the optical zoom stops there.

Hope this help on how to use second camera of your iPhone 7 Plus.

Meanwhile, a guy throw iPhone 7 plus from the tallest building in the world 🙂 see video on what happened here 🙂